Plastic Surgeons You Should Follow On Snapchat
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Plastic Surgeons You Should Follow On Snapchat

Beware, these snapchats are not for the squeamish.

Plastic Surgeons You Should Follow On Snapchat

There is a side of Snapchat that many people are not aware of. Many plastic surgeons have taken to Snapchat to broadcast their procedures that consist of breast augmentations, Brazilian butt lift,s and tummy tucks.

1. threaldrmiami

Michael Salzhauer M.D.

2. DrBfixin

Dr. Scott Blyer.

3. magicsurgeon

Humberto Palladino, MD

4. realdrbae

Jonathan Kaplan, MD

5. realdrjersey

Mitchell Chasin, MD

6. denverbodydoc

Nick Slenkovich, MD

7. realdrskin

Dominic A Brandy MD

8. realdropp

Adam J. Oppenhieimer, MD

9. realdrfeelgood

Mark X. Lowney MD

The last one on my list is not a plastic surgeon, but she is one of the best doctors to follow, especially if you love to pop pimples!

10. drpimplepopper

Dr. Sandra Lee

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