Plant-Based Diets
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Plant-Based Diets

It might be time to try it out. If not for yourself, for the animals.

Plant-Based Diets
Kelly Mueller

Lately, more and more people we know in our daily lives are converting to a plant-based diet. There are so many great and amazing things that going vegan will do for your life and your body. Most people feel that they just can not give up meat. But if you set your mind to it and work hard, it will become a reality.

A lot of people feel that you can’t eat a wide variety of food, or that you cant eat any good food at all. There are so many vegan options that are available now whether it be a veggie burger or even just munching down on a big bowl of all of your favorite fruits. Starting out shopping as a vegan can be a little intimidating, so it really helps to sort out what kind of things you will be cooking and making a list based on the recipes that interest you. Farmers markets and different places that sell bulk products will be your best friend, not only will you save money but going to the market will be a fun, new experience.

When you choose to start a vegan lifestyle, you are helping out all of the different animals that are being inhumanely slaughtered every day for human consumption. All animals can feel pain and fear and it doesn't really seem fair that we are exploiting and torturing them for our own benefit. If this is your main reason for going vegan, I highly recommend checking out the documentary "Earthlings," which shows the suffering the animals go through asa part of factory farming.

If you do end up making the plunge and cutting out meat and dairy, you really need to make sure that you are getting all of the proper nutrition that your body needs to be healthy. For many people the easiest way is to transition slowly by just cutting out certain things first, like cheese and milk. Going vegan is an undertaking, but by starting off slowly it will definitely help you feel less burnt out after only a few days.

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