Why Planning Is An Important Life Skill
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Student Life

Why Planning Is An Important Life Skill

Planning isn't just for a planner, it's for life.

Why Planning Is An Important Life Skill

Hello everyone. My name is Kes Baker, and I love planning.

I am not ashamed of my odd love of planning, I embrace it. My love for planning has made my college life and my life-life so much easier! If I were not an avid planner and list maker, I would not be the organized person I am today. Here are five reasons why planning is an important life skill and is something everyone should try to implement into their everyday lives.

1. Planning helps you to stay on top of things.

Planning is my way of making sure that any tasks that need to be done, get done. During the school year, I keep a list in my planner of my assignments for the day, and I will usually number what order I need to complete them in. This helps me to stay on top of my assignments. I will make a separate list for larger assignments, and give myself smaller tasks to work on those bigger projects. Using my planning skills to stay on top of my work is crucial. Planning helps me not to fall behind during the school year and keeps me on top of all of my work.

2. Planning helps you to stay on track.

This point is very similar to the first, but I'll explain it in a different way. I carry a planner with me at all times. In this planner is my daily schedule, what I am doing for that day. Usually, there are several times that I work in the admissions office, then my classes, any club meetings, when I have time to eat and study. It's all in my planner. Being able to look at my day written out in front of me makes it easier to stay on track during the day. I know where I need to be and when I need to be there, all thanks to planning ahead and writing it out in my planner.

3. Planning lets you know what's coming up or what's ahead.

When you write stuff down on a list or in your planner, you will know what assignments are due when, when your next sorority/fraternity function is, and when you have plans with your friends. I like to write out almost everything in my planner; If I have plans to eat out with my friends, I'll write it out in large print in my planner. This way, my eye jumps right to it and I see it all day long; I have something fun to look forward to.

4. Planning helps to keep you organized.

Without my planner, I think I would be a lost, hot mess. Having a planner allows me to see where I am going to be throughout the day and plan accordingly with what I need to bring in my backpack, figuring out when I can get to my room to switch stuff out or when I can sit and rest. Planning can help you to keep your life and the things in your life organized really well.

5. Planning can get your life together

If I did not plan, my life would be a mess. With a planner and list in my hand, I feel as though I know exactly what's going on, when and where it's happening, and what I need to bring to the table. Knowing what's happening around you is important, and you can write it all down in a planner and plan ahead! You can keep your life (mostly) together just by writing out your schedule and your assignment. Trust me, planning and doing is effectively for you will make a world of a difference.

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