Plan B Myths Every College Student Should Know
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Plan B Myths Every College Student Should Know

It's time to dispel some of the myths surrounding Plan B.

Plan B Myths Every College Student Should Know

College is the time that most of us experiment with sex.

It's nothing weird, but without protection, you could find yourself with an unwanted pregnancy. While pregnancy might not require you to rush to get a same-day MRI, for those who aren't into having kids just yet, abortion might not be an option. Unfortunately, college-aged kids are still underinformed about Plan B and what it does. Based on how doctors and other authority figures approach the issue, it's not surprising.

The Journal of Women's Health discovered that less than 10 percent of female respondents in a survey had been spoken to by a medical practitioner about the availability and effects of emergency contraception. With proper education, women can try to make the choices that serve them best.

This article hopes to dispel some of the myths surrounding Plan B.

Myth No. 1: Plan B is an Abortion Pill

Plan B actually doesn't cause an abortion. Healthline mentions that while many people are under the impression that Plan B causes abortion, the truth is really quite different. By delaying when the human body ovulates, Plan B stops pregnancy by ensuring there's no egg to fertilize. No egg means no fertilization, which, in turn, means no baby. This fact also means that you won't have to worry about thinking of yourself as someone who "got rid" of a baby since there was no baby to start with.

Myth No. 2: You Need a Prescription

This one is another insidious myth perpetuated under the guise of information. Reuters mentions that girls as young as 17 could safely use emergency contraception without a prescription. Plan B is not a prescription medicine, and you can get it OTC from your pharmacist, once they have it in stock. The worst you'll have to go through is the judgy stares of the person selling it to you (although most pharmacists have gotten over that in this day and age).

Myth No. 3: Plan B Prevents Future Pregnancy

This myth is a terrifying one because it preys on the concerns of women who may want families in the future. Forbes mentions that taking the morning after pill won't reduce your fertility or stop you from getting pregnant subsequently. Based on the explanation above on how Plan B works, it's evident that it wouldn't affect someone's long-term fertility. Despite the facts of the matter, many people are still under the misconception that this prevention method is permanent.

Myths Only Make Things Harder

The myths associated with Plan B don't help the people who need it the most - vulnerable women who made a mistake or were the victims of a crime. If anything, it leads to misunderstanding and fear that could eventually cause young women to think they have nowhere to turn. The psychological impact these myths can have on a young woman is immense and far-reaching.

Hopefully, the explanations given here would help young women understand that these myths are not reality and help them make more informed choices in the future.

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