5 Places Every College Student Should Volunteer At In Lincoln, Nebraska

Are you looking to volunteer somewhere in Lincoln, Nebraska? Say no more.

Check out these 5 establishments and become a better person for it:

1. Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital

Madonna is a top notch medical and physical rehabilitation provider. They specialize in spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, neurological conditions, strokes, and so much more for both children and adults. They also focus on gaining back an individual's quality of life, and they do not solely focus on the physical condition of the patient.

This place is absolutely incredible! I have so many wonderful reasons to volunteer here, and I have only been volunteering here for a few weeks now. I volunteer in the pediatric unit at Madonna, and I get to play with these kids, and try to make their days a little bit more fun. Hospitals are scary. No doubt about it, and by being able to play with these kiddos lets them forget about everything else for a little bit and just be a kid.

A couple of the programs to volunteer for at Madonna are:

-Angel Dog Program

-Peer to Peer Program


For more information about Madonna visit their website. For the volunteer application, go here.

2. Bryan Health

Bryan Health is another awesome place to volunteer at, I currently volunteer in their ER at Bryan West, and I can honestly say you will rarely be bored. Most of my shifts I am up on my feet, doing something, making me feel like I am part of the team. While I am volunteering there, I will take patients back to their rooms, clean rooms, and much more. Bryan has opportunities for all ages, and a stellar college program. You can volunteer in a ton of different areas, so you will be able to find an area that suits you best. Everyone here is very friendly, and will answer any questions you might have!

You can find a description of volunteer areas here. Application information, here.

3. I Run For Michael

This is just a really cool organization. It promotes health, happiness, and friends. They pair you with a buddy that has special needs, then you will run/walk/lift/etc. and dedicate that workout to your buddy. This organization is based on not taking your abilities for granted, and making new friends for life. The waiting list is pretty long to be paired, but you can still workout for your future buddy. The waiting list is a few months long, but it will be SO worth it. PLUS, you can literally do this anywhere, anytime. We all need some flexibility with schedules sometimes, right?

More Information, here. How to start, go here.

4. CASA for Lancaster County

I love the program's goals, and how much they really care about this cause. CASA supports children that have been abused, and neglected, and making sure that the actions being taken are in the best interest of the child. CASA volunteers help make sure that the child's needs, and their rights are being fulfilled while they are in foster care. You will be able to form bonds with these kids, and help them through the roughest parts of their life. This program has changed many lives, and will continue to change many more. You do have to be 21 to volunteer.

To apply, go here.

5. The Cat House

I'm a big animal person (especially cats), so I had to throw this one in here. The Cat House is a cage free, shelter for cats. The also provide medical care, education about cats, adoption services, foster cat families, and promote spaying/neutering cats so we can reduce the number of homeless and unwanted cats. Best of all, they are a no kill shelter! They are supported by a large number of volunteers, who run a large portion of this awesome organization. They have a long list of opportunities, so you can find an option that works for you!

Volunteer information here.

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