On June 23rd, 2018, Disney's California Adventure released the magical and adorable NEW Pixar Pier. This pier was a rethemeing of the already popular Paradise Pier which featured hot rides such as Mickey's Fun Wheel and California Screaming. After a temporary close for renovations earlier this year, Pixar Pier is fresh, new and ready for you to enjoy.

All of the rides (with the exception of one coming soon with no release date yet) are simply rethemed to match the aesthetic of the pier and tug at the nostalgia of your Pixar induced childhood, but one thing that is completely brand spanking new are the food options. Disneyland and California Adventure have the reputation of delicious and Instagram worthy foods so Pixar Pier had to live up to the established and adored standard.

I visited the park opening week and I can tell you, Pixar Pier is an Instagram foodie's dreamland. Disney and food lovers unite, because you won't want to miss these sweet and savory treats!

1. Poultry Palace: Chicken Drumstick Box



This is not your basic happy meal, kids. Poultry Palace, inspired by the Toy Story short film "Toy Story Toon: Small Fry", has your meal hot and ready for some fresh content and a tasty lunch on the go. This meal includes three seasoned chicken drumsticks and coleslaw. While the food tastes so good, the box is so cute. It's a win-win.

2. Jack Jack Cookie Num Nums: Jack Jack Cookie Num Num



These are Jack-Jack's favorite cookies for a reason. Crispy and chewy, plus totally cute under the new IncrediCoaster arch, as pictured above. PLUS, the cookie stand sells a variety of different milks such as strawberry, chocolate, soy and almond. (If you've never had a cookie with almond milk, you are missing out people. Missing out.)

3. Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats: It's Snow-Capped!



Goodbye Dole Whips. Hello Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats! This lemon flavored non-dairy soft serve, topped with white chocolate is the perfect treat under the California sun. Plus, you can't go wrong with how pretty it looks!

4. Angry Dogs: Angry Dog Served with "Hot Fries"



Spice up your feed and your taste buds! This "Inside Out" inspired spicy snack is ready to bring the fire back into your life. Choose to get a spicy hot dog or a regular hot dog. We won't judge no matter what. Plus, who doesn't love hot fries?

5. Lamplight Lounge: Carne Asada Sushi Roll



Cove Bar lovers, don't fret! The Lamplight Lounge will win you over in no time. Their unique flare and delicious menu will have you swooned. Carne Asada Sushi. Again. Carne Asada Sushi. Who does that? Disney does that. And they did it right.

6. Senor Buzz Churros: Caliente Churro



Disneyland is known for their churros. Keeping up the theme, Senor Buzz churros featured a Caliente Churro that tastes exactly like a red hot candy. It gives cinnamon a new name and can cause your reaction to turn into a memorable photo.