6 Reasons To Appreciate The Pisces In Your Life

We are well into the month of February which means that it's finally Pisces season! Often regarded as one of the most magical and dreamy signs, those with their sun in Pisces are said to either serve or suffer by astrologers. Misunderstood but deeply compassionate, here are six reasons why we should show our fish-sign friends some love this month.

1. They're some of the most empathetic people

Pisces are extremely observant which allows them to be emotionally attuned to those around them. They pick up on social cues more closely and quickly than other signs. If something is bothering you or if you're feeling down, they will know what's on your mind without you having to tell them. From personal experience, they will provide you with the most comforting words when you need them.

2. They're also some of the goofiest people

From personal experience, the Pisces I know tell even the most mundane stories in the most hilarious way. They use stories as a way of expressing themselves and as they are gifted with great intuition, they will tell them in a way best suited for their audiences. There are no limits to the things they say to recreate their experiences for others to enjoy.

3. They take time to understand their emotions

Pisces often absorb the emotions of those around them, whether it be negative or positive until it gets too much for them (hence why they're said to be sensitive and emotional). Then they process this information by pulling away from reality and stopping to consider the what, why, and hows of these feelings. That's not all - by allowing themselves uninterrupted time to get to the crux of their emotions, they come to appreciate the little moments in life.

4. So, their creativity has no bounds

Pisces are ruled by the planet Neptune which is associated with dreams, idealism, artistry, and empathy. This allows them to look into their thoughts, and as a mutable sign, channel their emotions authentically into something beautiful and productive.

5. They can adapt to any situation

As the 12th and last sign of the zodiac, Pisces are said to carry a bit of every other sign in the zodiac with them. In addition to their natural intuition, this equips them with the ability to handle every situation with ease and open minds. More broadly, Pisces will agree with almost everyone around them. When they meet someone with an opposing opinion, they'll agree with them, too. Of course, depending on other placements in their natal chart, some might be prone to arguing, but this is less frequent than the other Sun signs.

6. They're all about forgiving and letting go

The most compassionate sign towards humanity, Pisces natives are able to forgive unconditionally. The more gullible ones forgive to a fault, allowing undeserving people back into their lives easily. However, although they are willing to forgive, Pisces will not forget and be the first to bring up your past mistakes in an argument.

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