5 Reasons Why Being A Pisces Is The Best

5 Reasons Why Being A Pisces Is The Best

Pisces are such a unique and often misunderstood sign.

I relate so much to my zodiac sign. It is a literal representation of me. Pisces are such a unique and often misunderstood sign, which is why I want to clear things up. Being a Pisces is so much fun. We are so very complex and are very strong but we have a delicate side. Here are several ways Pisces are awesome but also misinterpreted.

1. We are lazy but we DO get things done.

I am one of the most laziest people alive. I'm being honest, I love my bed. One thing people forget to think about is that lazy people are so lazy that we look for the quickest best way to get things done. Pisces are creative which gives us unique GOOD ideas to get things done as quickly as physically possible so we can be lazy once more.

2. We are very trusting but we also know when to stop.

I can't tell you how many people I've been burned by but that's like most people. I can tell you I give people too many chances and I'm unsure if that's all me or my astrological personality peeking out. In our friendships, Pisces tend to put our family and friends first, even above yourselves. We trust these people to do the same thing for us and be there in our time of need. We tend to not realize that people aren't all like us and we get hurt but we do quickly realize that we don't want to keep getting hurt, which means we don'y put ourselves in the same situation. We are smarter than that.

3. We blindly love without a care in the world.

This one is so false about Pisces. It's wild and unproven. We take our time with love, especially if someone has hurt us. We don'y just fall in love with every person. We are romantics but we also understand that love is fickle and no one can guess the future. We care so much about people that we choose our lovers very carefully. We don'y have bad taste in men because we are Pisces. Some of us just don't have good luck or our geographical location is bad. I have had bad luck with a man because he was a bad man. My personality doesn't dictate that, though I wish it could, I'd have my own personal alarm for douche bags.

4. We won't ever be successful or make good money.

This one gets to me. We can only fall into creative jobs and we won't be good leaders. This idea of the Pisces is so wrong, I take charge because I like getting things done. Leadership isn't a personality trait that is genetic to me but rather it is chosen. Sometimes I like to take charge, others I like to sit back and let someone else take the reins. I am an independent worker for sure, which some could say makes me less leader and highly antisocial but many leaders are proven to be introverts rather than extroverts. Pisces have many excellent careers because we are talented and smart. We are not the least likely to be wealthy either. Sagittarius is, which is surprising. Pisces have a long history of being successful because of unique mindset and creative ideas.

5. We think we are psychic.

Well, we kinda are. We are the most spiritually connected sign. We have enhanced intuitive abilities. I know this for a fact because I can predict when something bad is going to happen when relating to me. It'd be cool if we had these crazy powers to predict everyone's futures and I'm sure there are ways to open the third eye but I can tell you my sense roar and my stomach twists when I start to realize something isn't quite right. It's all my instincts telling me to get out and hep myself. I wish I knew what it was that has saved my life so many times but honestly, it's just a Pisces thing and if yo aren't Pisces I just don't think you can understand what we mean. I have a story that might clear up what we mean when we say we have "a feeling". I was sick one day when I was about 10 or 11. The school sent me home and my mom came to pick me up, taking me home. I stayed on the couch napping all day. My stomach twisting more painfully the later it got. I must've fell asleep at some point because when I woke up there was yelling. My stomach hurt so badly I was crying. My mom took me to my room and went back downstairs he Armand my stepdad's fight continued. I was just walking down the stairs, ready to go to the hospital when I heard screaming and a huge crash. My stomach all of a sudden felt better. The pain and twisting gone in an instant. My brother came running up to me handing me the phone to call the police. Long story short my mom ear drum was broken from my stepdad beating her. This is one of many stories where I felt this and now I can recognize it and try to prevent bad things from happening. Call it instincts or psychic, whatever you want, but I knew when bad things were going to happen.

We just feel things differently. We are also highly empathetic. I can sense other emotions on a terrifying level. I know exactly what people are feeling by just being near them. It's not a pleasurable thing.

Pisces are so wonderfully different and often misrepresented within the media. I identify strongly with the truthful faucets of the astrological sign. Pisces are kind, smart, empathetic, gentle and very in touch with nature. Pisces are also weird, sensitive, compulsive, and lazy. We have good and bad qualities but the qualities must be accurately depicted. I love being a Pisces and I wouldn't want to be any other sign!

Cover Image Credit: DeviantArt

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7 Of The Millions Of Reasons To End This One Direction Hiatus Right Now

and, yes, "Right Now" was a One Direction pun.

Everyday fans wake up and check Twitter for some good news. Every day, we are left disappointed and kind of heartbroken all over again. But, I'm putting my foot down. One Direction NEEDS to get back together and end this hiatus jibberish. The "18-month" thing is starting to really drag on and my little heart cannot handle it any longer. Here are seven reasons why this hiatus needs to end... NOW.

1. Their fans are in their prime for concerts and fangirling.

As the One Direction boys have grown up, so has their fan base. Now, most of the fans are either finishing up grade school or are off to University. This means concerts are about to get a whole lot more fun. Instead of being tugged around by parents, we’re all a bit more free (and some fans can legally drink depending on their age and country). As “Harry says, this is a family show… or is it?”

2. Hiatus is EXPENSIVE.

However, since we’re all grown up, that means we’re also going through that phase in our life where we’re absolutely broke. Our parents stopped helping fund our awful concert addiction long ago and our college debt (or the threat thereof) is haunting us over every purchase decision we make. That being said, the amount of tickets and merch we have to buy has now multiplied by four (five if we still count Zayn, but I’m bitter). It gets especially worse when you consider how the solo careers are attracting new fans and driving up the prices of tickets. Please, send help.

3. We're running out of OT4 pictures to edit.

The last time we got anywhere near One Direction being in the same room together was when Louis Tomlinson performed on the X-Factor after his mother passed away and the boys came out to support him. If you know anything about Directioners, they like to make amazing video and photo edits that will hit you hard in the feels, but without new base content, those are slowly becoming the thing of the past. It’s like the Directioner equivalent of the death of Vine.

4. They have yet to tour their most recent album.

Simply put, Made in the AM is one of the best albums to ever be released and has not been given the recognition it deserves. One Direction has followed the pattern of putting out an album and then touring it. They completed this four times, but once they released the last album, fans didn’t get the chance to see most of the songs performed, which is totally unfair and upsetting. It’s also one of the driving forces behind ensuring the band’s reunion. The members have noted multiple times they’d like to tour the album.

5. Award shows aren't nearly as fun without them.

Okay, so BTS wrapping up the American Music Awards was neat and all, but does anyone else remember how exciting One Direction’s mere presence at an awards show was? Trying to beat One Direction in any category was the most impossible feat. Plus, their speeches were always a complete mess. Even with the hiatus, the fans are still winning them awards, which has put Liam Payne in the position to go up and give us a taste of the past with his acceptance speech, but it’s still not quite the same.

6. As good as their solo work is, "Better Than Words" will be the bop of our generation.

Look, I love solo One Direction and I can not make that any more clear. Flicker by Niall Horan, Harry’s self-titled albums, and Louis and Liam’s singles truly have a special place in my heart, but have you heard Midnight Memories? Every song on that album is a true jam and I’m not sure if anything the boys have put out can truly compete. I mean, “Miss You” by Louis Tomlinson is cutting it pretty close, but Right Now is still the song of every Directioner dreams.

7. They need to keep their promises.

In multiple interviews and countless tweets, the boys have pledged to the fans that they are committed to coming back. When fans have met the boys, they have ensured us that they will be back. They don’t want to see us cry, either.

I truly believe the boys miss us as much as we miss them. I, along with thousands of others, are anxious for One Direction’s reunion… and it better happen, soon.

Cover Image Credit: via Wikimedia Commons

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'The Last Jedi's' Ending Might Have Tricked You: The Truth On Snoke

Though the iconic film contained the most powerful and exciting twist yet, the same moment might have fooled you. (SPOILERS AHEAD)

Hello, Star Wars fans. As I had stated in my previous spoiler-free review of The Last Jedi, the new Star Wars film was one full of surprises, but also full of unanswered questions. This article will focus more heavily on one particular part of the movie, and if you have not seen Star Wars, this is my first warning that SPOILERS LIE AHEAD.

Second Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD. And Third Warning: SPOILERS.

Now, if you haven’t seen the film and yet you continue to read, that is completely your own fault.

In The Last Jedi, one iconic scene seemed to completely overshadow the rest of the movie; the Showdown between Rey, Snoke, Kylo Ren, and the Red Guard. If you have seen the movie, and yet forget this scene (which seems quite impossible), let’s go over it one more time.

While Rey makes the journey back to the First Order to convince Kylo to abandon the dark side, she is taken prisoner by Kylo Ren, and taken to Snoke’s Throne Room. While Rey is at her knees being interrogated by Snoke himself, sitting in his large throne and surrounded by Red Guards, Snoke orders Kylo Ren to finish her off.

By using the force to Mind Probe Kylo Ren’s thoughts, Snoke sees that Kylo Ren had made his decision on what side he truly is on and that he is prepared to kill in order to fulfill that decision.

Then, in a huge turn of events, Kylo Ren sends a lightsaber beam straight through Snoke’s body, killing him. The top half of Snoke comes sliding to the ground, the body completely in half. Rey and Kylo Ren team up for that one scene to defeat the Red Guard, and escape the fate of death.

It’s truly a heroic and exciting scene for any Star Wars fan, seeing the redemption of a once known villain as they take the life of a cruel and manipulative villain. But there's the thing; Snoke is known to be one of the most powerful beings in the entire galaxy. He knew of Kylo Ren’s struggle with his allegiance, and he sure as anything knew not to trust Kylo in that moment.

That being said, Snoke did not die in that scene.

Analyzing what he had said earlier, being completely aware of Kylo Ren’s thoughts, knowing exactly what the boy was thinking and what decision he had made, Snoke knew exactly what was going to happen in that throne room. A superior leader would not make such a shallow mistake and give in to the thoughts of a much-conflicted apprentice. That lightsaber was placed next to him for a reason, and the entire scene was a test.

Just as we saw Luke Skywalker project an illusion of himself by using the force later on in the film, Snoke was doing the same exact thing. Also, noticing that Luke had been pictured as younger, and more put together in his force projection, Snoke in that iconic scene is missing some crucial injuries shown on his face in the previous film, and the actual projection of him in the beginning while interrogating Hux. Don’t believe it? Check out these images.

Snoke in The Force Awakens:

Snoke in The Last Jedi:

Though the images may seem quite similar, it is obvious that Snoke looks wildly healthier in the image from The Last Jedi. Being one of the most powerful beings in the Star Wars universe, he would be smart enough to not risk his life, and therefore, clever enough to project himself through the force in order to truly test Kylo Ren.

Where is Snoke now? Who knows, but one thing is for sure, Kylo Ren is in more danger than he had ever been before. It just might be the factor that’ll push him away from the dark side.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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