30 Times 'Pirates of The Caribbean' Perfectly Described Your Life As A College Student
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30 Times 'Pirates of The Caribbean' Perfectly Described Your Life As A College Student

Drink up me hearties, yo ho!

30 Times 'Pirates of The Caribbean' Perfectly Described Your Life As A College Student
The Walt Disney Company

Dead men may not tell tales, but what about dead college students?

Yep. It's that time of year again — dead week. So drink up me hearties, yo ho! Yo ho yo ho, it's a stressed-out college kid's life for me.

Sit back, procrastinate and realize that "Pirates of the Carribean" is actually your life as a college student.

1. That feeling when you're trying to get your assignment done before it's due in 10 minutes and your roommate tries to talk to you.

2. When you see your friend talking to their crush.

3. Anytime you eat dining hall food.

4. When you're trying to nap but your roommates have a bunch of friends over.

5. Trying to convince yourself that you are prepared for your finals.

6. When you expect a quiz to have 10 questions but there are 100.

7. The real question is- where the hell does all the alcohol go?

8. How you feel rollin' up to campus in your friend's car instead of the public bus.

9. When your parents accuse you of skipping class too much.

10. When you get too drunk at a party and your friends try to give you water.

11. Trying to figure out how in the hell you know someone.

12. When you see your hot professor.

13. Seeing freshman the first day of the year, knowing damn well their joy and excitement will die soon.

14. Whenever 5 p.m. rolls around.

15. When finals week roll around, yet again.

16. Trying to make small talk.

17. When a prof puts something on a test that wasn't on the review sheet.

18. When your hipster/broke side comes out in your decor.

19. When you show up to class and you forgot to do the homework.

20. Anytime your prof tries to explain something to you and you just don't get it.

21. When your roommates fight over stupid stuff.

22. When you actually contribute something of value to class discussions.

23. When you spot that crazy chick you hooked up with at that party that one time.

24. Literally whenever.

25. When you come home for break and your parents tell you to do chores.

26. Trying to find any reason to drink.

27. Studying for exams got you like:

28. When your parents come up for the weekend.

29. When dead week really hits you.

30. When you only show up on test days and your professor asks who you are.

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