How Pinterest Can Help You Save Money
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How Pinterest Can Help You Save Money

Cheers to saving money for better experiences!

How Pinterest Can Help You Save Money

Pinterest can be really addicting! From pictures of dream closets to endless recipes (that never turn out like the picture), it’s easy to get lost in the madness of beautiful photos. Aside from these gorgeous pictures, Pinterest offers some helpful pins as well. From learning DIY home projects to budgeting charts, Pinterest is actually really helpful when it comes to staying organized and saving money. Here are five of the best ways Pinterest comes in handy when you want to save your money!


Okay, one thing we may not be terrific at is sticking to a budget (or not having one at all). Who really wants to go through the hassle of writing everything out and keeping track of expenses when you don’t even know where to start? Pinterest has great ideas for creating budgets and keeping them organized so it doesn’t become a hassle. From realistic and flexible options to tips for those who hate budgeting, they’ve got a lot of pictures to help keep your money organized and on track! Plus, they even have ideas with printable pages for binders if you’d rather do it by hand.


Pinterest is filled with beautifully organized rooms and closets that having matching decorative storage baskets and such, but realistically, pretty things like that can be expensive. The trick is learning how to organize a room tastefully while saving money with a little DIY work. Learning how to upcycle storage items that you already have or ones from Goodwill can save you a lot more than you think (and still look pretty good)! Also, do not underestimate what the Dollar Store can offer in terms of storage items.


If you watch enough HGTV, you see how they take old furniture and repurpose it for homes all the time. It’s not just for fun and entertainment; it can really save money when you’re decorating or want something new. Whether you want to reupholster a chair (no need for new ones) or love the idea of a decorative coffee table, the options are endless when it comes to taking old furniture and making it new! If you want to work with clothes, you can even upcycle a pair of shorts to turn them into your own personalized pair.

Career Advice

Until I started managing a club’s Pinterest page awhile back, I had no idea that Pinterest had such helpful career and interview advice! Sure, you could pay someone to create a resume for you or buy tons of books searching for job advice, but the information is already out there, and it’s free! From resume tips to interview etiquette, you can read endless information to help prepare you for applying and interviewing for your next job. Once you land your dream job, learn how to work smarter, not harder.


Getting your nails done and pampering yourself can eventually add up. What’s great is that you can do these things yourself for significantly less! I know many girls who say they can’t paint their nails as perfectly as the salon, but with time and practice, you can have it down in no time. These 19 diagrams can fully explain how to paint your nails, the tricks to nail art, and everything in between for prepping and pampering them. If you still don’t feel comfortable painting your own, get together with a friend, do each other’s nails, and have a spa day!

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