Pinterest Movie Night: Marvel Edition

Pinterest Movie Night: Marvel Edition

Easy movie snacks that even the laziest person can make.

With some rainy nights ahead of us, I think we can all look forward to some good movie nights to enjoy as well. Which means, to me at least, that along with just sitting on the couch entertaining yourself you also get a chance to eat to your heart's content with movie snacks. Sometimes though you want to get into the mood with the movie you're watching and I think that one of the best ways to do that is by eating something themed with the movie. Now I've seen this done a couple times before but they always mention very impossible snacks for the average lazy person to make. For example, I've seen a suggestion for Disney's "Princess and the Frog" that said something like, "If you want to be like Tiana, make beignets with a strawberry dipping sauce". I'm sorry but if I'm already in my PJ's there's no way I will be turning my deep fryer on to spend way to much time trying to make the perfect dough.

So for my version of this I'm going to be mentioning simple themed snacks that you can also find on Pinterest.

Captain America: The First Avenger

Nothing is more American than apple pie, so snack on these delicious apple pie crescent rolls that will make you wish you cooked more. Also it doesn't hurt to add ice cream to it either.



Eating these will definitely crush your dreams of having a bod like Chris Hemsworth. However, they are a certain Asgardian's favorite Midgard snack. Really all you need is premade pie dough (if you want to skip the recipe's homemade pie dough part) and a jar of nutella (which you will have to restrain from eating out of the jar first) and then they are perfect and will have you wanting another!


The Avenger's

Go with this super simple popcorn snack to represent the totally awesome kick butt Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow).


Iron Man 3

It's a bit of a stretch but technically this counts as a Christmas movie (in the same way Die Hard is pretty much).

So get into the holiday spirit, by eating everyone's favorite Snowball cookies. They're definitely something I could see Tony Stark obsessively snacking on.


Guardians of the Galaxy

These were made by yours truly. Just follow this simple cake batter cookie recipe here (preferably you'll want to use a yellow cake mix). Once you've made the batter split it into three different bowls and color the dough's separate. For the colors I used neon pink, yellow, and blue.Once they are all nice and fully colored mix them together to create this cool galaxy effect. Add some sprinkles on top to represent stars.

Cover Image Credit: We Are Movie Geeks

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I Asked 17 People About Their Favorite Things In Life And Learned A Lot About Positivity In The Process

As it turns out, we've all got a little sunshine within our hearts—so let it shine!

In a world that's often obsessed with negativity, stress, and bringing others down, it is a true relief to see the good in life and relish in the positive things around us. As someone who is a huge fan of the "little things" in life, I asked 17 people about their favorite quotes and the things that give them joy and inspire them most.

All names and ages have been changed for the purpose of this article, so please enjoy these wonderful tidbits of inspiration, advice, and joy! And don't be afraid to pass on what you've learned from these wise individuals.

1. "Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that it is"—Gabriella, 16

2. "Jesus, family, music, horses"—Noah, 14

3. "Waking up and feeling like I got a lot of sleep, getting a good grade on my exam, good hair days, road trips, the comfort of having good friends and family, seeing my dog when I come home"—Abigail, 17

4. "The day my niece was born"—Lucy, 35

5. "My wife, food, being home, family, friends, creative time, going to church"—Henry, 45

6. "Thunderstorms, group hammocking, chocolate ice cream, coffee, strawberries fresh from the patch, daffodils in the spring, vinyl records, road trips with friends"—Brooklyn, 31

7. "My momma, Rocky Road ice cream, monster cookies, my cats, and my best friend Paige"
—Mia, 15

8. "Live, laugh, love"—Ruby, 54

9. "When I realized I was finally right where God wanted me to be, with my now husband and my 3 kids, and being so blessed and happy to know I made it to where I was meant to be!"—Christina, 39

10. "Ice cream dates with my boyfriend, baby farm animals, flowers, family time"—Jennifer, 26

11. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"—Elise, 19

12. "Being authentic and supportive of all of the people I care about"—Maggie, 33

13. "The quote that 'a ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for'"—Bella, 46

14. "Probably when my brother asked me to be the Godmother of my nephew"—Eva, 24

15. "Chapstick—weird, I know. But I always try to buy at least one different one every time I go to the store so I like seeing the different variety. It's kind of like a helpful hobby I guess!"—Brittany, 41

16. "Animals' noses, oat milk cappuccinos, sunsets, holding hands, a new pair of jeans, clean makeup brushes, vegan desserts, kitty paws, cats purring" —Alicia, 25

17. "Pasta, naps, and soda"—Katherine, 63

I've made it my life mission to spread the cheer, show love to others, and focus on positive vibes only! Will you do the same?

As a first step, I highly recommend reading Neil Pasricha's inspirational book "The Book of Awesome" for practical advice on how to spot the good in everyday life. Or, you can just live by this quote from "Zombieland:"

Go forth and stay positive!

Cover Image Credit: Photo by Brandi Redd on Unsplash

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A Thank You Letter To My Morning Coffee

Because where would I be without you?

Dear morning coffee,

Thank you for being there for me before everyone else. For being there for me when I’m tired and grumpy and for always making everything better. I know I can be touchy at times. I mean, a girl needs her caffeine. You have been there for me through it all, early mornings in high school and now all-nighters in college. There have been times that I’ve walked around double fisting coffees, finals week am I right.

No matter, you have been the constant in my life, you have seen me through it all.

Through all the rough mornings where I quite literally looked like a mess, to the nights that lasted too long. Test after test, you have been there to get me through it, you have made sure that I was caffeinated enough to function and ace those tests. Though there are times where you end up mostly on my shirt because I’m a klutz but you’re still there for me.

You’re there for me in every form, latte, cappuccino, black coffee, and even a mocha.

Every day for years you have been the constant in my life, the constant that I know I’ll see every morning. You have become the highlight of my mornings. Without you, I don’t know what I would do. I know I’m not the only who realizes how great that you are and are beyond grateful for all that you give us.

Pretty much every college student realizes how much you provide us with, essentially the life that we need to get through it all. In the ones that aren’t in college are even in coffee’s debt and will forever be grateful for it. Morning coffee has become this sort of ritual that almost everyone goes through, it is the way that we are able to function.

So, thank you morning coffee, thank you for always being there for me to brighten my mornings and for helping me get through all those hard times. And thank you for the support you always give me through all those weeks of all-nighters and finals.

So once again thank you morning coffee to make sure that this is not how I always look.

Cover Image Credit: Ashley Jordan

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