Pinterest Movie Night: Marvel Edition

Pinterest Movie Night: Marvel Edition

Easy movie snacks that even the laziest person can make.

With some rainy nights ahead of us, I think we can all look forward to some good movie nights to enjoy as well. Which means, to me at least, that along with just sitting on the couch entertaining yourself you also get a chance to eat to your heart's content with movie snacks. Sometimes though you want to get into the mood with the movie you're watching and I think that one of the best ways to do that is by eating something themed with the movie. Now I've seen this done a couple times before but they always mention very impossible snacks for the average lazy person to make. For example, I've seen a suggestion for Disney's "Princess and the Frog" that said something like, "If you want to be like Tiana, make beignets with a strawberry dipping sauce". I'm sorry but if I'm already in my PJ's there's no way I will be turning my deep fryer on to spend way to much time trying to make the perfect dough.

So for my version of this I'm going to be mentioning simple themed snacks that you can also find on Pinterest.

Captain America: The First Avenger

Nothing is more American than apple pie, so snack on these delicious apple pie crescent rolls that will make you wish you cooked more. Also it doesn't hurt to add ice cream to it either.



Eating these will definitely crush your dreams of having a bod like Chris Hemsworth. However, they are a certain Asgardian's favorite Midgard snack. Really all you need is premade pie dough (if you want to skip the recipe's homemade pie dough part) and a jar of nutella (which you will have to restrain from eating out of the jar first) and then they are perfect and will have you wanting another!


The Avenger's

Go with this super simple popcorn snack to represent the totally awesome kick butt Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow).


Iron Man 3

It's a bit of a stretch but technically this counts as a Christmas movie (in the same way Die Hard is pretty much).

So get into the holiday spirit, by eating everyone's favorite Snowball cookies. They're definitely something I could see Tony Stark obsessively snacking on.


Guardians of the Galaxy

These were made by yours truly. Just follow this simple cake batter cookie recipe here (preferably you'll want to use a yellow cake mix). Once you've made the batter split it into three different bowls and color the dough's separate. For the colors I used neon pink, yellow, and blue.Once they are all nice and fully colored mix them together to create this cool galaxy effect. Add some sprinkles on top to represent stars.

Cover Image Credit: We Are Movie Geeks

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Why Dieting Isn't A Great Idea

Be nice to your body!

The word "diet" is wrong to begin with. Dieting literally means restriction. Restriction is wrong in all sorts of ways. For one, life is short! If you really love pizza, why would you "diet" and restrict yourself from pizza? Doesn't this just make life less enjoyable. Sure, pizza isn't the healthiest choice, but there are ways to still enjoy our favorite foods without ever even having the word "diet" in our vocabulary!

Diets Promote Short Term Success

People often diet to lose weight quickly, or see results they wish to see as soon as possible. Sure, eating carrots for 2 weeks may help you shed a few pounds. But once people see this success, they tend to go back to their previous way of living and even sometimes loose the results they aimed for.

Diets Can Actually Hurt Our Health

Yes, thats true! Back to the carrot example, it's not even healthy to restrict yourself so severely where you actually hurt your body. We all need proper nutrition and calories for our body. We shouldn't hurt our bodies in one way to "help" it in another way! That doesn't help anybody.

There Are Healthy Ways to Reach Your Goals

No matter what your goal may be; losing weight, gaining weight, toning up, gaining muscle, etc there are healthy ways to reach these! Everybody can benefit from making healthy choices throughout the day, eating proper meals and snacks, regular (not excessive) exercise, and of course honoring cravings every now and again!

Diets promote short term health, but long term health is the ultimate goal. Long term healthy lifestyles is how to accomplish this, and this lifestyle looks different for everyone! Listening to a doctor and your body is the best way to accomplish overall health and happiness. Sure, diets are essential for some people to live a healthy life, and these diets are given by doctors. Trendy diets promoted on the internet and social media are the unhealthy diets I'm referring to. Be nice to your body!

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My Top 5 Favorite Coffee Shops In Greensboro, North Carolina

If you find yourself in Greensboro, NC, you have to try some of these!

Coffee is important no matter where you go. So when I moved to Greensboro, North Carolina for college it was hard to say goodbye to my hometown coffee shop. But The 'Boro has its fair share of awesome go-to coffee spots as well! Here are my top 5 coffee shops in Greensboro, NC!

1. Tate Street Coffee House

Located on Tate Street (duh), TSCH is probably my all-time favorite coffee place in Greensboro. It is right next to UNCG where I go to school so it is a popular place for a lot of students. Not only is their coffee good, but they have a great food menu as well and it's not just breakfast foods! The atmosphere is awesome and sometimes there is even live music! If you're ever near Tate Street, I highly recommend a 16oz. iced Black & Tan!

4. Geeksboro Coffeehouse Cinema

Geeksboro is located in the heart of Greensboro. A super artsy hangout with great coffee! Like Common Grounds, they also sell craft beer! A neat thing about Geeksboro is that they show really cool indie films and documentaries! This is definitely a place to go to hang out or spend a rainy day.

5. Cresent Coffee House

Not too far from UNCG's campus, you'll find Cresent Coffee! A cute little coffee house with delicious coffee and desserts. My favorite thing about Cresent is that they know how to make a frozen coffee! Not many places can do this (Starbucks being the absolute worst at it) but Cresent pulls it off and it tastes like your drinking a coffee milkshake! Highly recommend!

Cover Image Credit: Jazmin Quaynor

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