Picking Up Phrases And One-Liners From Your Close Friends
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If You Don't Pick Up One-Liners From Your Best Friends, Are You Really Even Friends?

What if I never met the gorls? Welcome to our exciting lives!

best college friends
Meghan Lee

I have seen a countless number of times on Facebook that if you spend enough time with people, you will start picking up words and phrases. This could not be more true for my friends and I. You'll pick this lingo up pretty quickly... trust me!

1. "What the frick is good?!"

Origin: Not seeing someone in a while and BAM, there they are one night while you're out.

It just stuck; walking into Friday brunch, ready to sit at the table for hours with your favorite pals to discuss the night prior. That's a good day. This is my go-to line when greeting people. It's catchy, ok?

2. "Nugget" or "Such a nug"

Origin: Recruitment – "We're getting so many new nuggets!" and "We're going to need a lot of ranch for all these nuggets!"

I came home for Christmas break and started calling my dog "nugget." Meghan WHAT?! Everyone's a nugget: babies, puppies, grown people... nuggets everywhere.

3. "Hunni"

Origin: not totally sure…it's trendy.

You do or say something stupid: "Hunni." It is much like "honey" just better. Clearly, we are all channeling our inner Poo Bear. Also, it is drawn out so it looks more like "hunnniiiiiii" at times, especially if you did something REALLY stupid. Ugh, I can imagine one of my good pals saying this to me.

4. "A snack"

Origin: Also do not know this one. Another trendy phrase.

If you are really feeling yourself or see someone that is looking mighty fine, you call yourself or that person "a snack." I tend to call my brunch plate a snack but that's not just because it is literal food, but because it just looks so dang good. Ugh! My favorite line of all time: "I'm not just a snack, I'm a 10-course meal." Yeah? Yeah.

5. "Gotta blast"

Origin: Our favorite childhood TV show, "Jimmy Neutron."

This has taken a spin. We are now adults still saying a phrase from a TV show from our youth, it's just that much better. Stuck in a sticky situation? Just yell "gotta blast" and run away. Someone tells you something you do not want to hear: "I'm blasting away." My personal fav, though, is when you put a REAL emphasis on it: "I have GOT to blast." I giggle every time.


Origin: Two of my pals like to say this in excitement or when putting emphasis on an event or something I tell them.

Originally, I was not a fan. Like what is "way-ho?!" Idk. I still do not say this, but somehow I turned it into "heyo," so now I greet EVERYONE saying "heyo." Again, Meghan, WHAT?! Maybe it will click when I hear it every day back at school in August.

7. "YEET!"

Origin: Sometime this past year, probably started as a trendy word but we took it to a whole new level. All I know is one of my good pals, Cardi, says stuff like this all the time and I die laughing.

I came back from Columbia, SC, this weekend with a 6-pack. No not white claws! I had laughed so hard at everything that I developed abs and my cheeks hurt. No matter what we are talking about, jokes are cracked. You can use this word as so, "YEET bye" or "I just yeeted out of there." It is used for extreme cases for REAL emphasis. You will catch on, no worries!

8. "I love us."

Origin: Talking about something we did together that just makes us think, "wow we are amazing."

It's always organized chaos when this group of pals is together, and somehow we always find something to stop, think about and say… "wow, I love us." The memories will forever make me smile and laugh.

Clearly, I am having major FOMO. I miss my pals so much. See you soon, loves!

But welcome to the life of my friends and I. If these little catch phrases catch on, then maybe you can sit with us at brunch!

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