Michael Phelps, currently at the ripe old age of 31, is well past his college days. As one of the relatively older Olympians in Rio, it’d be kind of strange to put him back in that college environment with a bunch of young adults. But that doesn’t mean he can’t give great advice and, most importantly, relevant facial expressions on the matter! Whether you’re a future or current UD student or just want to reminisce on the past, Phelps would be more than happy to help you. Here is how he would describe your first semester at UD, all in hilariously glorious pictures of his “Phelps Face."

1. When you arrive at the happiest place on earth as a little baby freshman.

2. Literally a baby.

3. When you meet your roommates.

4. Whenever you meet someone new, and you try to make a good first impression.

5. How you actually feel.

6. When you're all moved in and on your own - what?!

7. When the professor starts lecturing on syllabus day.

8. When Friday rolls around, and that means you've survived the first week.

9. When you finally get to visit Brown Street.

10. When you become best friends with Nancy from Marycrest.

11. When you spot a beautiful UD sunset.

12. When you've finally settled into the groove of this college thing. (You've got this.)

13. But then, suddenly, you realize that two months have already gone by.

14. And that means midterms are soon.

15. Yay! When your midterms were relatively easy, and you're halfway through your first semester! Go you!

16. When, before you know it, you have to leave your friends for Thanksgiving break. Only to know that, when you come back...

17. Finals.

18. Time to get to work. Just gotta dive right in!

19. When you're doing good but - oh no - your professor just said the final is cumulative!!!

20. When you reach maximum stress levels and can barely contain the crazy anymore.

21. Barely.

22. When you're taking the test, after studying for ten hours straight only to give up in a frantic decision to wing it.

23. After your test.

24. When your grade is finally released - and it's an A!

25. You survived four whole months at college. This calls for a celebration!

26. It's time to kick back, relax on a nice porch, and enjoy the UD community. Congratulations, you've made it this far! Up next: the rest of your four years here at the University of Dayton!