Petite People Problems (PPP)
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Petite People Problems (PPP)

We aren't just short.

Petite People Problems (PPP)

Being petite is hard. It's something you can't change, and you will always have. The problem is you're not only short, but your proportions are all off. Your body proportions are ridiculously smaller than the average person even the average short person. I've lived as a petite person for 19 years and I'm still not used to it. I run into these 10 problems almost daily.

1. Clothing is Always too Long


Shirts are always way too long. Most could pass as a promiscuous dress. The shoulders are never in the right place, and necklines always seem to be cut too low for your small body proportions. Oh yeah, and crop tops are the perfect length normal shirt on you, glad it's back in style.

- Sleeves

You are used to holding your long sleeves in your hands. It has become an absentminded comfort to you.


My personal worst nemesis. I remember in 8th grade getting fed up with rolling up my jeans so I just cut off the bottoms. That's right I was rocking the frayed jean look years before it came back into style. Still to this day it's hard to find pants. They always have to be short, which is normally a special order. Even then the waist line is way too high, so you're always strutting uncomfortable high rise pants.

-Skirts and Dresses

I went to a private school where a knee length skirt was required. This is one of the few times my petiteness has come in handy. Any skirt that was advertised to be above the knee, hit me right at the knee. I didn't have to shimmy down my skirt when teachers walked by like all my friends did, it was great. Nowadays If I want a skirt to be a bit above my knee I end up with what is intended to be a mini skirt for a person of average height. At least I never have to worry about something being too short.

2. You Pull the Car Seat Up Super Far

Well, you need your legs to reach the gas and breaks while your hands can reach the steering wheel at the same time! You do get laughed at every time you have to readjust the seat though.

3. You're Feet Never Touch the Ground

NEVER. You have endlessly floating feet. When you sit in a kid's chair and your feet miraculously touch the ground you wonder if this is how average people feel.

4. Taking Two Steps for Everyone Else's One Step

You have to walk super fast to keep up with average speed. This becomes a problem when you're walking with someone who is a quick walker or has super long legs. You normally get stranded in the back of a group of friends.

5. Heels Make You Average Height

You feel so empowered and tall when you put on heels. It's okay that you're now the height of an average person, you still feel great...that is until everyone else wears heels and you're stuck below board again.

6. You're Shoe Size is Always the Sample Size

Petite body, means petite feet. You may get laughs at you're tiny feet, but you get all the cute shoes, because who else has such small feet. Their size also allows you to pull of some wacky trends as well.

7. The Sun Visor in the Car is Pointless

The sun comes out and you decide to pull down the sun visor in you're car. All it does is block the traffic lights from you're vision. Keep you're sunglasses with you!

8. Mirrors are Always too High

You can totally check out the top of your hair if you're lucky.

9. You are Front and Center in Group Photos

10. Crowds are You're Enemy

Petiteness is a struggle that many people do not understand. We aren't just short either, we have small proportions. Please don't use us as armrests. Please don't make fun of us. Please don't always call us cute. Petiteness is something that takes a long time to get used to, but you may end up liking it. Love who you are because things could be a lot worse.

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