13 Tall Struggles Of Being A Short Person
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13 Tall Struggles Of Being A Short Person

If only I could grow an inch, or four...

13 Tall Struggles Of Being A Short Person

Every short person will understand when I say, some people just forget how hard life actually is on us. So to you tall people out there, try to ease up on the short jokes, we've almost heard them all.

1. You never have to worry about your placement in a photo.

You’ve spent your whole life being short, so when it comes to taking group pictures, you’ve had the same place every time. Your forever spot will be the front row.

2. Sharing clothes with your tall friends is just not an option.

They have two choices: extreme high waters or their butt hanging out to make the pants long enough.

3. All of your friends are way taller than you.

Group pictures make you look way shorter than you actually are because everyone is so much taller than you.

4. Kissing someone way taller is a struggle too.

Two things must happen with this. They have to bend down to reach you, and you have to tiptoe.

5. When lost in a big crowd, good luck finding your group.

The only view you have is of peoples' feet, so unless you have a very clear memory of the shoes your friends are wearing, you can expect to spend at least an hour trying to find your friends. Eventually you’ll give up and ask a tall person if they’ve seen your friend wearing the black cowboy hat.

6. Top-loader washers are the devil.

If you are trying to get your clothes out, you better believe you are about to have to climb on top of that sucker to get them out, if not you will get stuck, and someone taller will have to pull you out.

7. Climbing on top of counters to reach the top cabinets becomes a daily occurrence.

Those really cute cups you have up there, and you really want to get one down? Better get to climbing, because that’s going to be the only way you’re going to get it down.

8. Even in heels, you're still the short one.

You can try everything possible to give yourself a little height. No matter what the effort is, you will still continue to be the shortest of the group. And it's ok!

9. The top shelves a Walmart.

Using the lower shelves to give yourself a boost to get up there is not something to be ashamed. We’ve all seen you do it before. We may have laughed a little at you about it, but at the end of the day we don’t really blame you.

10. Buying pants is literally the worst.

Even though pants might say they are short, that does not mean that they will fit you. If you have to roll your short jeans up still, it happens, I have to do it all the time. If not, this would be my daily wardrobe.

11. "You’re so cute and little” is something you never stop hearing.

As if you don’t have enough reminders of how small you are to begin with, people just need to point out and remind you that you are just so small.

12. Short jokes are apparently a must for the people you come in contact with.

If I got a dollar for every short joke I’ve ever been told, I would be bathing in money.

13. Your driver's seat will have to be scooted all the way up.

If not, the only way you can reach the brake is if you slide on down in your seat to where you can't see over the wheel. Oh, and if you have a car that lets you, it might help to raise your seat up a few pumps so you can see over the steering wheel.

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