Have you ever wondered what your life will be like in a year from today? Honestly, I'm sure everyone has experienced this question in their mind at some point.

It is a little hard to think about what you will be doing a year from today at this time. Lots can happen. Lots can change. Lots can progress or regress.

I want you to set a list of goals at this very minute. One list should include short-term goals and one list should include long-term goals. You will 110% look back and be grateful you made these lists.

In life, when we want to progress, we need to stay organized with our thoughts and goals. We need to set these goals as a stepping stone towards something. Whether you achieve different goals, change your plans, or even regress, these goals create a foundation.

I believe it is vital to your success if you reach for more than you think you can achieve. It is always good to push yourself each and every day.

A year ago today, I was not happy with who I was. I was not happy with different aspects of my life, and I never thought I would get away from it. I was caught in this revolving circle that was unhealthy. Whether it included relationships, academics, friendships, or jobs, I was not smiling like I normally did. I had that moment where I said to myself, "How do I fix this? Will I feel this way a year from now?"

I sat down staring out my window with a baby blue journal, unable to start a sentence. What did I need to write down? Would writing anything down help me? I had so many thoughts bouncing around my mind like a race car riding around the track.

I was unsure of my next plan.

I made my short-term list, then eventually my long. This journal sat and sat. It traveled from New Jersey to Penn State, and then back.

Time flew by. I am now sitting here reading that baby blue journal that is sitting solely on my desk. It worked.

No one in this world is perfect, the lists are not magical, but I am proud to say I am a totally different person than I was a year ago. This baby blue journal, the post-it notes I added to my bathroom mirror, and these lists made everything possible. When you set goals for the future and strive to change, whether it may be small or big, long or short, you can achieve it! I believe in you.

If there is one piece of information I would like to share, I would say to get your own journal, sit down and stare out a window, think about where you want to be a year from now. It takes time and patience, but you will get there.

Take it from me. Good luck!