It's hard to admit, but, growing up, I always wanted more..for my life to be different than the one God so graciously planned and gave to me.

I didn't want divorced parents. I didn't want to move schools. I didn't want my thick, wavy hair that I never knew how to style. I wished I was a better athlete. I didn't want the burden of anxiety. Unfortunately, the list goes on and on. And at times it consumed me.

I constantly compared my life to others and what they had. I was jealous and I wanted MORE.

A lot of longing for something more, or something better, comes from this extremely screwed up idea we have of "perfection" rooted deep in our brains.

News flash, people: there is NO such thing as perfection. As soon as this is realized, is when true healing begins. Because this obsession I once had with wanting a "perfect" life is unrealistic, and unhealthy.

If you're always wanting more, I am not shaming you. the quest for perfection is natural and I have often fallen victim to it. However, I challenge you to step back, and be thankful for every single blessing you have been gifted.

Life is a gift. And everything, every one, and every circumstance in it is there for a reason.

Wanting the best for yourself is okay, jealousy is not. Jealousy is ugly. You never know someone's story, and I can promise you, we all have things we would want to change about ourselves or our lives. Just because you don't know everyone else's imperfections or problems, does not mean they don't exist.

We all have that one "perfect" person we look up to who really seems to have their shit together. I can bet that, to someone out there, you are that person.

So to the person always wanting more, I challenge you to be content and be thankful for what you have now. Find beauty in your so-called flaws. Love the life you live, because you sure as hell have every reason to.