23 Reasons We're All Perpetually Stuck In The 90's

23 Reasons We're All Perpetually Stuck In The 90's

When these now "classic" re-runs make an appearance on T.V., your inner child can't help but get excited!

The 90's were a simpler time; when kids were playing kickball and capture the flag/manhunt from sun up until their parents had to drag them back inside at dusk. It most definitely wasn't a time of being hypnotized by technology and 11 year olds stressing out about how many Instagram followers they had!

The T.V. and cartoon supply was endless--and genius--in the 90's...which is completely different from the garbage kids are unfortunately watching today. So if you were a part of the best generation for childhood entertainment, feel free to reminisce the "good ol' days" as I look back on 23 of the best T.V. shows/cartoons of the 1990's!


Between skits like "Totally Kyle", "The Girls Room", "Hill Billy Moment" and "Judge Trudy", The Amanda Show kept the laughter endless and the audience begging for more.

2. Mr. Fee-hee-hee-hee-heenay!

Boy Meets World is a heartfelt family show that depicts friends growing up and finding themselves in the world. Long live the romance of Corey and Topanga--for they will ALWAYS be relationship goals! And let's not neglect to re-fall in love with the James Dean of the 90's Shawn Hunter...come on you know you love him!

3. Move it Football Head!

With characters like Stoop Kid, Helga and Herald, audiences couldn't help but fall in love with this series. The shenanigans that Arnold and his gang got involved in was not only a great watch--but let's be real--Helga's secret love for the same boy she torments is a situation that all 4th graders can relate to!

4. Well Everybody, That's Alllllll That!

All That had a talented cast of comedians that always kept viewers coming back for more! With memorable skits like "Good Burger" or "Ask Ashley", it's no wonder as to why this television franchise lasted for almost ten years.

5. You Got It Dude!

This classic T.V. treasure pulled at the heart strings of everyone across the country. Full House is a great family show that depicts three hopeless men coming together to raise three beautiful girls, while always finding some comedy along the way. DON'T even get me started on the sob-fest I had when Netflix aired the new spinoff Fuller House!

6. Mojo Jojo! Say It Ain't So-So!

What little girl didn't dress up as one of The Powderpuff Girls for Halloween?! These fearless ladies were role models to girls across the country, with their sugar. spice and everything nice--and let's not forget their awesome kick-ass moves as well!

7. Did I Do That?!

Steve Urkel is an icon among 90's family sitcom. From their witty and hysterical plot lines to their loving and compassionate moments, Family Matters has made a lasting impression on all of the hearts of 90's kids.

8. Don't Touch the Hair!

Johnny Bravo's arrogance and confidence took the Cartoon Network by storm in the 1990's. Known for his big hair, form fitting clothes and let's not disregard his insane karate chops, Johnny Bravo gets two thumbs up from 90's kids everywhere.

9. DO NOT Frazzle Rolf!

Where do I even begin...Ed, Edd n Eddy is a classic portrayal of adolescent cluelessness and crazy/wacky schemes around every corner; always with Johnny's imaginary friend, Plank, in tow.


Ask anyone--whether you are a 90's kid or not--Friends is a phenomenon that has touched the hearts of millions around the world. With their iconic characters and memorable episodes, Friends is ranked as one of the Top 10 shows to watch on Netflix, according to Uproxx.com.

11. "Ya Movin' With Ya Auntie and Uncle in Bel Air!"

This time honored sitcom precedes it's reputation and is still widely known/watched today. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air combines comedy, family values, and unforgettable characters to create--at least in my opinion--the best work that Will Smith has ever produced.

R.I.P. Uncle Phil.

12. A Baby's Gotta Do, What A Baby's Gotta Do!

One of the cutest and friendliest cartoons out there is the one...the only...Rugrats! We laughed at the brother sibling rivalry of Phil and Lil, and we cried when Chuckie had no one to dance with during the mother son dance at a wedding (his mom is dead). Some like to say that there is a crazy psychological theory associated with Rugrats, but I like to look at it for what it is: One of the greatest cartoons of the 90's!

13. Who LOVES Orange Soda?!

This comedic duo originally started out on All That before they starred in their own hit Kenan & Kel. This show is known for their high stakes schemes and Kel's endless slapstick hilarity--along with an endless supply of orange soda!

14. Stay Out of My Laboratory!

Introducing boy genius Dexter of Dexter's Laboratory! Between creating amazing new inventions, keeping Dee Dee the hell away from his experiments and keeping his parents in the dark as chaos ensues, this above average boy genius can keep us laughing well after the closing credits come to an end!

15. You Macho Pig!

One name...Mark Paul Gosselaar! Better known as his character Zack Morris for his scheming and hi-jinx ways, the gang of Bayside High keeps you begging for the next re-run marathon so you can relive each entertainingly iconic moment.

16. Together Forever!

This dynamic duo sticks together through the good times and the bad--literally! Both Cat's responsible outlook on life and Dog's rambunctious and impulsive ways bring out the best in each other, creating a classic 90's masterpiece!

17. "And We'll be Stronger the Second Time Around..."

This 90's gem puts the "fun" in dysfunctional family! It follows the lives of newly acquainted--and hastily married--Frank and Carol and the journey that their two different families embark on to become one. Between the rivals among the siblings and the all-American feel to the show, Step By Step should definitely make your "must binge watch" list!

18. Did Somebody Say "Stuck in the Friend Zone"?

Let's face it, we all know how Doug feels--at one point or another--with the constant rejection of BFF Patti Mayonnaise. Doug is a great cartoon with an amazing message to offer its viewers: It's okay to be new and different because at the end of the day you will find yourself. Take Doug's lead and don't let rivals like Roger Klotz ever stand in your way!

19. "I Got My Own Mind...I Do My Own Style In My Own Time..."

Sistah Sistah! Separated at birth and adopted by two different parents, Tia and Tamera have a chance encounter at the mall, which was the start to a whole new life for them. Through the ups and downs of adapting to this new family unit, Sister Sister is a sitcom for the ages!

20. I Slept With Dylan First!

Team Dylan+Brenda for life! Beverly Hills 90210 followed the lives of a very diverse group of friends through trials of love, drugs, death and rape--and every other conceivable situation life can throw your way. The friendships built on this show is one for the books, and the realness of these situations keep you bing watching into the wee hours of the morning.

21. "When I See Their Happy Faces Smilin' Back At Me..."

7th Heaven reveals the life of Reverend Eric Camden and his large family during times of self discovery and constant temptation. With their close bonds and family values, the Camden family remains in the hearts of many and a 90's must watch!

22. I Just Know Something Bad Is Going To Happen!

Can someone say paranoid much? Too bad for Courage and his immense fears because this cartoon is set on a farm with enough paranormal activity to last a lifetime!

23. You Little Witch!

Because of this show, I've always wanted a talking black cat and name him Salem! Every little girl of the 90's wished for magical powers instead of a pony because of Sabrina and the crazy messes she would get herself into--and eventually out of!

So let's all take a moment to thank the entertainment industry of the 90's for blessing us with these timeless classics! If you're a 90's kid then you understand the sheer awesomeness of these shows, (and of course there are plenty more that aren't included on this list) but if not then you have one job and one job only: START WATCHING!

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My Experience Growing Up Iranian-American

Discrimination and blind-stereotyping shaped part of my upbringing


I was born and raised in Northern California, particularly, within the South San Francisco Bay Area. My parents, however, were born and raised in Tehran, the capital city of Iran. They moved to the states in their early 20s to expand their education and cultural platform, seeking that "American Dream" many immigrants yearn for. With that, I was brought up by immigrant parents who constantly remind me how lucky I am to have been born and raised within such a thriving community -- given the harsh regime and war my mom endured in her childhood in Iran. Whereas my childhood was brought up within the San Francisco Metropolitan and the naturism of the Santa Cruz Mountains, as my backyard.

As a young elementary student, my brother and I were both automatically placed in ESL classes (English as a Second Language). I never really thought as to why we were in those special classes, given how young we were, I actually thought I was being given special treatment. Though, having been one of the top students in my Writing and English classes did leave me a bit confused with their placement decision. Nonetheless, I never second-guessed it, neither did my parents, because they were brought up within the schooling system in Iran, prior to advancing their education in the states -- so we all assumed the school knew what they were doing, right?

It was not until years later, after gaining some emotional intelligence and education that I realized, even as a kid at the mere age of seven, I was blindly stereotyped against and discriminated. English was my first language, learning Farsi afterward as my second language; this was documented within my file at the school, keep in mind. Though, it became clear to me that because my parents did not speak English as their first language nor were they brought up here, there was a blind assumption that I must have not spoken English well enough to meet the school's criteria; though I guess my report card of A's in my writing and English classes did not suffice. Or was it just my skin color and the accent of my parents, my teachers would hear during conferences that lead to the conclusion of my dire need for ESL? Hard to tell…

I was blindly shaped like a kid as I grew up and became more exposed to society and the way minorities tend to be treated or looked at as "immigrants" rather than just people, like everybody else. First off, every single person who is not an authentic Native American IS an immigrant in the nation, let me make that very clear. I used to feel shame when people would ask me of my ethnicity or what kind of accents my parents had. I used to feel shame when I would open my lunch box and have a home-cooked meal my mom made for me because the smell of the spices would stand out compared to the turkey sandwiches or Lunchables others would have. And it pains me to say, that I even used to feel shame when my own parents would talk in front of my friends or teachers because I wanted to hide their accents so I can "be more like everybody else".

As a kid, I did not realize why I was hiding my family and identity, but now, I have the answers to them and I am not proud of them. But I am disappointed in the way this society STILL treats minorities, blindly stereotyping and discriminating; in my case, making me grow up with this constant feeling of shame until I grew intelligent and confident enough to realize how pathetic that was.

I am PROUD of my parents and their beautiful accents. It shows the hard work and dedication they endured throughout their lives to get to where they are now: successful and independent. They traveled across seas to gain another life for themselves, having to earn citizenship, which I often take for granted having been born here, and started their way from the bottom before reaching the top, after years of perseverance and confidence. A trait I hope to carry on from my parents.

I am PROUD to be Iranian-American and to have come from a culture where nearly everyone is family with one another, in some shape or another. There is so much history about this country most people do not know of, rather, many assume that everything that is heard on the media is an accurate portrayal of the Middle East, as a whole. No country in the world is perfect, that is a fact. But do not blindly judge what you see on TV to be the truth of what is actually going on inside a country until you've traveled there and witnessed it for yourself. People often mix politics with humanity -- these are two separate things. Look at the politics of our own nation as we speak? I think it's fair to say we've had some turmoil lately, but does that mean that the very citizens within this country represent the politics, literally? At the end of the day, we are all human beings walking this planet, so let's start treating each other better through embracing the unique labels people carry rather than categorizing them.

I am PROUD to have been brought up speaking two languages because language is how we connect with other people. And for me, being able to speak Farsi helps me feel more connected with my older-generation family who can't speak English or to even just feel closer to my culture. I was taught about family, love, respect, kindness, and virtue within my household and within the traditions that have been carried throughout generations of the Iranian Culture that celebrate those values. I call America my home and I call Iran my distant home. Though I was not born and raised in Iran, I have had the privilege to travel there several times as a young child and those are memories I will carry with me forever. Memories of great food, kind people, unique fashion, beautiful landscape and architecture, as well as decades worth of history peaking through random corners.

Most of all, I am sorry for the ignorance I carried as a young kid who often suppressed her identity to "fit in" more. I realize now that I should follow the shadows of my parents more and carry with them the history that they have brought here. And to carry with them the passion and confidence they looked to when life kept pushing them downwards. I am proud of my parents and my identity and I hope that others who may have felt similar as I can also come to reach this realization with me. Let's spread the love thick, not thin -- to everyone.

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