"You're going to miss out on everything and regret having a boyfriend in college."

I got into a committed relationship with a boy from home four months before leaving for college, although we were technically together before the whole "will you be my girlfriend?" talk. A lot of people tell me "Oh wow, a boyfriend from home? How are you gonna explore yourself and meet new people?" Well first off, I know who I am at this point of my life and I don't need to hook up with a bunch of people to figure that out. Second off, if I'm dating the right person, why should any of that matter? I still go out, I still meet new people, and most importantly, I still have fun. Even though it comes with a lot of commitment, it's worth it in the long run. If you don't believe me yet, here are my 15 reasons why you shouldn't break off your hometown relationship because you're leaving for college.

1. You don't have to deal with hook up culture and the whole "Wait you actually like me like that? I just want to be friends."

2. When you go out with your friends and that one creepy guy won't leave you alone, "I have a boyfriend" comes in handy.

3. At the end of the bad days, you'll always have a shoulder to cry on.

4. You'll always have your personal cheerleader when you ace that exam you've been studying all week for.

5. He'll always listen to you vent about the professor who assigns way to much homework or your messy roommates.

6. When he knows you had a long, lousy week, he's just as excited as you to get dressed up and go out or stay in and eat greasy Chinese.

7. Lame activities like picking up some things at Target or late night diner runs are 100 times better with your boyfriend.

8. Your never bored when you go home for break because he's there, you actually get excited to go home for break.

9. The stupid fights go away, and usually when you do fight its because you miss each other.

10. You have way less pressure to impress random people, you can wear sweatpants and no makeup everyday and the person you actually care about still thinks you're beautiful.

11. That moment when you first see each other again - best feeling ever.

12. Only being able to talk sometimes gives you butterflies when you actually see your boyfriends face, so Facetime dates become something that you look forward to.

13. You'll always have someone to like your selfies on Instagram because they can't see you in real life as much.

14. No matter what happens at school (or even anywhere), you'll always have a guaranteed best friend.

15. Science says distance actually does make the heart grow fonder.

I'm not saying that being single in college is wrong, but when the right person comes along it's rare and there is no reason to throw that away. A big thank you to my boyfriend for being the best and always finding ways to make this work.