Perks Of Being A College Student

Being in college can be extremely expensive and time-consuming. We barely have enough money to do anything outside of the residence hall so when we find discounts or deals we get extremely happy.

Here are some perks and deals you can take advantage of as a college student!!


At most chipotle locations will offer a free drink with purchase when you show your student ID.

Forever 21

10% off full priced online orders.

Apple Music

$5 per month for students with a school email.


If you have a student advantage discount card, you can save 10% off on tickets plus bonus travel points. Visit Amtrak's website for more information.

Amazon Student

Students receive 50% off Amazon Prime service, which includes two-day shipping and streaming videos, after a six-month trial. They also get exclusive offers and discounts.


When you are shipping a package, you can earn 20% to 30% off by showing your student ID.


Free access.

And these are just some of the deals and advantages that college students can use with a student email or ID.

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