No boobs? No problem!

Often girls with a flat chest feel insecure due to the fact that they feel having boobs would make them look so much better, feel more attractive, etc. All throughout high school, I patiently waited for them to show up at any moment; however, as an upcoming senior in college, I've decided to let that thought go. Rather than looking in the mirror and thinking about how much better a certain dress would look on me with cleavage, or how awesome it would be to get out of an A-cup bra size I decided to think of the perks of having a flat chest instead.

1. You never have to wear a bra.

It's. A. Blessing. You can throw on a sweatshirt, t-shirt, basically, anything that isn't too form fitting and get away with not wearing a bra. No one notices, and it's the ultimate level of comfort. You never have to worry about coming home from a long day and taking your bra off because you never had one on in the first place!

2. You save money.

The price of a decent bra at Victoria Secret? about 40-45$. This is something you never have to worry about. Strapless bras are perfect for summer tanks, something that doesn't always work for girls with a bigger chest. Throw on a lightly lined bralette and you're good to go, not to mention the lacy-bralette look is in right now. Take advantage of that!

3. (Most) bathing suits are an easy fit.

Scoop neck? High neck? Triangle? You name it! You can order online because there's hardly a need to try them on cause it's a guarantee it'll fit. You don't have to be picky about which bathing suit top to buy because they all look good.

4. Running, working out? No problem.

Often people with a bigger chest have trouble finding sports bras with enough support. When they run it's not only painful but they also can have back pain. This goes back to the idea of saving money, girls with a flat chest can buy a sports bra with little support because they don't really need a lot; whereas, girls with a bigger chest have to spend more money on supportive sports bras.

5. Easier shopping.

You rarely have to try on clothes and ordering online is always easy. When shopping online most models have smaller chests; therefore, it's easier to base how something will look on you when looking at them than someone with a bigger chest.

Girls, boobs don't define your womanhood so don't let them. Having small boobs has its perks; it's comfortable, convenient, and cheap, what more could you ask for? Embrace your small boobs ladies, we're lucky.