Sometimes I fall behind in some categories, and height if one of them. In other words, I fall short. Pardon the pun, but it's true. The average height for a girl my age is 5' 4" and I am only 5' 2.75". It's not too bad, right? But having friends who are 5' 4" or 5' 10" really makes someone my height think, what would it be like to just be a couple inches taller?

1. You have room to grow

This depends on age, but I did grow an inch grow an inch over the past year!

2. People can see over you, so you always can go to the front of the crowd

Concerts, shows, whatever it may be...people emphasize with you and let you go in front.

3. Being short is cute

Being medium height is cute, being tall is cute. We're all cute!

4. You learn to walk fast

This is a weird one, I know. But it can come in handy when you're in a rush. You have to compensate for your counterparts longer legs capable of wider strides.

5. You become agile

Maybe this is just me, but my height won't let me reach things on the top shelf...(this can't just be me), so I get to climb countertops and tables.

6. It's easy to hide from people

Being compactly sized allows me to duck under tables if I want to avoid social interactions. I also kill it at "hide and seek" since no one expects to find someone in a closet.

7. You grow a thick skin

Being the butt of people's jokes over the years really allowed me to grow in every way except vertically.

8. You can pass as a kid

From free admission to things to being able to order off the kids' menu, the sky's the limit.

9. You're the perfect size to be the little spoon

Beneficial in all romantic relationships.


In cars, on planes, on a train, whatever it may be. When you accept your lack of height, there is so much good that comes alongside it. For someone who likes to travel, this is a blessing.

11. Limbo is easy

That, or just not having to crouch in small spaces.

12. "I look up to you."

Make someone feel good while saying that. Little do they know it's because you have no choice.

13. You can always make yourself look taller with heels

But you can't make yourself look shorter.

14. Being carded at bars will start to feel like flattery

"Oh, I'm actually 30 but thanks for the compliment."

15. You can shock people

Scientifically speaking, the shorter you are the younger you may look. People tend to underestimate younger people, so stun them and then take a picture of the reaction because that's just priceless.