Perks of Being Alone
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Student Life

Perks of Being Alone

several examples of how to make the most of lonliness

Perks of Being Alone

Well, this last week at college has been "spring break" and that means that the campus has been virtually empty. Almost nobody in the dorms, no cars in the lots, perfectly quiet and peaceful. The absolute lack of responsibilities as well made it a particularly relaxing break. And I spent it completely alone without ever talking to somebody face to face.

From the last couple articles I posted, it may be obvious that I was sick, if not, spoilers, I was iller than ill. Without a roommate or anybody else around, I found myself able to easily go to bed whenever I was tired and sleep until my eyes wouldn't stay shut. For those of you that have experienced this most blessed rest, you know how wonderful it is. For those of you you have yet to sleep for twelve hours solid, try it some time. It's a life altering study in laziness. It also meant that nobody else got sick from being around me, so that's a win-win! I got to recover in peace and quiet, and nobody else was infected with the nefarious nose goblins that ruined my life. Bliss.

This may seem a bit vulgar, but hear me out. Where I am in the dorms it gets unreasonably hot. Even with all the fans going, the windows open, and praying for air conditioning to be installed sometime this century, it's not enough. The only answer then is to shed clothing. I haven't needed to wear pants or a shirt for most days this last week. What I mean by this is that I was free to wear my ugly, yet extremely light and comfortable pajamas. Get your minds out of the gutter. This meant that I was able to be even further relaxed in my domain, the room that was now mine. Sweet sweet solitude.

Though, I suppose that these can really only be perks if one enjoys being alone for long periods of time, actively avoiding human contact when at all possible. Now, I am not usually an introverted person, but if you somehow knew the people that I do, they would tell you that I sometimes become an absolute cermugion of a hermit. I hole up in my room for days at a time, venturing out only for water, as my fridge is too small for beverages. I understand that for most people, being alone for that long is unbearable, you need to see people, interact with them, validate your existence by the company you keep. That's fine, but remember, it is so much easier to rest when you know that you're the only one in the room. Alone at last.

And this isn't to say that I didn't have any human contact. I still had my phone, so my parents and grandmother checked up on me and wished me a happy Easter. With phones, people can be hermits but still retain the use of their voice after long stretches of solitude! They were happy to hear from me, and to hear me gradually recovering.

For those of you that don't have a roommate, good for you. For those that do, you understand that sometimes, no matter how amazing your roommate might be, you NEED to get away from them for a time. That's why this last week was truly great, I was able to take over the room and live as I do, that is to say, like an animal, and not have anybody complain about it. The only problem is going to be putting it back together for when he gets back tomorrow...

Oh, I almost forgot! Thanks to school work being unavailable, and nobody around to bother me, for the first time in MONTHS I was able to read! I know that school always has you reading, what I mean is reading for fun, doing something that you enjoy! Nobody asking "what are you reading" or "what's that about," just silence, and a cup of something warm and dark. Forget the weather, books need a warm drink.

Anyway, it's wonderful to have friends and people in your life, but don't overlook the benefits of withdrawing from society and focusing on yourself.

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