The Perils of Essay-Writing

The sweat pouring on my face, the clock ticking to the end of my social studies class, and the teacher pacing around the classroom---I've always hated tests. But some tests are harder to do than others. Take, for instance, the essay-based test. I remember when I was in high school, I'd stare at the essay question for a good five minutes before I decided to do an intro at 3:00. And then, by 3:30, I wrote my first body paragraph as long as a Russian novel until I saw my teacher write down 20 minutes on the whiteboard. Turning my neat handwriting into scribbles, I rushed like a madwoman. By the time I was actually finished with my first body paragraph, my professor erased the board and wrote 10 minutes. As my heart froze at the sight of a number close to single digits, I scribbled down my second body paragraph. To hell with being legible. I have to get by the conclusion.

And then, he erased the board and wrote down 5 minutes.

In that moment, I was furiously scribbling down the third body paragraph. But I gave up. As long as I have everything but the conclusion or, in other words, almost done, I will do good. And I did.

But did you know what my professor said?

"Julia, your essay is good, but I think you need help with time management."

The words "time management" eventually came to haunt me through the rest of my high school years and subsequently my college years. And I hated it. Sure, I should try improving my time management. But I had tactics and they didn't work. So, you know, I am starting to think that time management is actually a scam.

And it is a scam.

Because you know what people never point to? Over-work.

During this semester, I have taken five classes where all of them have a paper dude. I, in fact, have four papers due this week alone yet like the dumb*ss I am, I am writing this article. Oh, and I also had an internship that just ended WHERE THE WORK WAS TOO MUCH I HAD TO DO IT AT HOME. While you may shout out "prioritize" to my dilemma, there is a question that you might consider: what if my essays were on the same day?

And what if my essays needed more time?

Because that's what's happening to me right now. As soon as I finished my essay, I have to start for the next one and so on and so on. And essay-writing doesn't mean just writing an essay. There are outlines, drafting, revising, and all this unsexy BS. It's tiring to do one. It's extremely tiring to do five.

Okay, I'm done with my article.

Now, this is the time to start my first essay of the week. And then, my second.

And then, my third. And then-DANG IT, HOW MANY I AM GOING TO HAVE?

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