How to be perfect

To Those Telling People There Is No Such Thing As Perfection, Please Stop

The more well disclose the impossibility, the more people try to change or fix themselves.

Kate Moore

Every since we were kids, our teachers, parents, family, and friends always said, "Honey, no one is perfect." I guess they thought this was a comfort thing? Well, that bullshit.

Our little, innocent brains were trained from the start that we will never be perfect and there is not such thing as it. Let's actually think about what that does to us as we grow up in this world.

A 13-year-old girl is looking at herself in the mirror and remembers how her teacher and mom told her that no one was perfect. She cries and questions herself, her looks, her intelligence and character. "Why am I not perfect?" This young girl hates herself.

Now, the same girl, starts to compare herself to every other 13-year-old girl. She wonders why her mom told her no one is perfect, yet Emily, Jess, and Racheal are perfect in her eyes.

This little girl is going to change herself to be "perfect" just like those other girls.

Stop telling everyone there is no such thing as perfection. We are all perfect.

Making us think we are not perfect when we are children is basically disregarding God and concluding his creations as being imperfect.

Imagine this- We start telling all children that they are perfect. We tell them that they are perfect, but that everyone is perfect.

Teaching kids that everyone is perfect from a young age saves so much heartbreak, anxiety, depression, confusion, and self-hate.

This world is so rough now and you have to be so strong in order to keep a smile on your face behind closed doors.

Stop telling your students no one is perfect. Stop telling your daughters and sons that no one is perfect. We are all freaking perfect. We are all perfect in our own ways.

You are perfect. Live your life as you, do not live your life as the people you wish to be. They are probably living their lives as someone else. it is all a chain reaction.

Let these children grow up knowing they are perfect and that they are loved and deserve to feel love and live in this world.

Comparison is like a weapon, it kills you without even knowing it.

If you get anything from this at all, let it be that you are perfect where you are, who you are, and God made you perfect.

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