Rick Riordan Is Trying To Persuade Disney To Adapt The 'Percy Jackson' Series And I'm Here For It
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Rick Riordan Is Trying To Persuade Disney To Adapt The 'Percy Jackson' Series And I'm Here For It

Uncle Rick deserves better than what he was given originally.

An aesthetically pleasing photo of Rick's Riordan's hardcover books, "The Heroes of Olympus." This comes after "Percy Jackson & The Olympians," but still features characters from the beloved Camp Half-Blood.
@readriordan on instragram.com

'Percy Jackson & the Olympians' is a Greek mythology book series authored by Rick Riordan that produced a wide fandom, a musical, a sister pentalogy, and a number of spin-offs. Unfortunately, it also generated two less than mediocre films, the first being released in 2010 and the second in 2013. Riordan was extremely disappointed with the movies along with most of the fandom. Not only were major plot devices changed, but the main characters' ages and physical appearance as well. Although I love both Alexandra Daddario and Logan Lerman and they would be a Percabeth duo when they are older, the films were absolute dumpster fire. Personally, I didn't mind that Annabeth was not blonde in the first installment, but others were absolutely livid. The age growth was also annoying, Percy's prophecy age is supposed to be sixteen, not the starting one. Now that Disney has bought out Fox, which owns the rights to "Percy Jackson," it's only the perfect time for the movies to be redone. It's like it was prophesied.

Rick Riordan on facebook.com

As you may have seen on Uncle Rick's social media, he is attempting to persuade Disney to adapt the book series with a fresh start. Whether it's new films or a web television show (animated or live-action), PJO enthusiasts will be entirely grateful for Disney's inclusion and Riordan's tiresome effort. In addition, the multi-billion dollar company could rake in an even more substantial amount of bank due to demigod merchandise and ticket sales if a film (or films, plural) is released theatrically. In the theme parks, the Imagineers can construct a ride or perhaps a whole area based on Camp Half-Blood. A plethora of blue-colored food, petty deities, and talking pegasi, the potential is endless. A number of all around the country have produced events centered around Riordan's works.

Before the announcement of Disney purchasing 20th Century Fox, fans had begged for the streaming service Netflix to helm the project instead, most likely oblivious to the fact that Fox still owned the rights. As a fan of the books personally, I believe an animated TV show would be the best bet, the animation and drawing style similar to "Avatar: The Last Airbender." Unfortunately, that decision is not up to me, it's all up to the execs and I trust Disney to make the right decision.

Disney is no stranger to Greek mythology with "Hercules" in 1997, which happens to be in the top three of my fave Disney movies. However, Roman mythology is also introduced in the sister series, "The Heroes of Olympus," which adds five new demigods into the mix where they are burdened with saving the world again. After that, there is "The Trials of Apollo" in which the sun god must earn his Mount Olympus seat back while - you can probably see a pattern here - saving the world from ending. As much as I would love for Disney to adapt all of these amazing series and book if it does receive a green light, it is unlikely as it is such a large amount of material. Best case scenario, "The Heroes of Olympus" series is adapted as well since it features main characters from the original series in large roles.

In true Riordan fashion, Uncle Rick wrote a humorous transcript of discussing a new adaptation with the Olympians. Who doesn't love this man? A long road is ahead, but hopefully the "Mouse God" brings justice to the demigod world. Crossing both fingers! #DisneyAdaptPercyJackson

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