Books Worthy To Be Made Into TV Shows
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5 Books That Are Worthy To Be Turned Into TV Shows Rather Than Movies

One reason I don't like books being made into movies is because they can't go in depth like the book. But as shows, the time limit cannot restrain them, leaving it open for greater depth and detail of the story.


Not all great books are turned into movies and shows and not all book-based movies are amazingly accurate. But if the books are converted to TV shows, they can be as amazingly accurate and wonderful as the books. One of the main reasons I don't like book-based movies is because they exclude many important scenes that play a great role in the story. Like "A Series of Unfortunate Events" was made into show, I hope these following books can also one day feature on-screen.

1. The Harry Potter Series

Even though the "Harry Potter" movies were amazing and outstanding with all those visual effects, they didn't include certain parts of the books in them. Some of these parts in the stories were crucial while others not so much. For example, in "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" movie, there was supposed to be a potions task, which Hermione was to solve, to enter the room where the Mirror of Erised was kept. Other things that were not present in the movies were Peeves the poltergeist of Hogwarts, Charlie Weasley, Ludo Bagman and Andromeda and Ted Tonks. If made into a show, all the scenes and the story plot line will be shown according to the books without the time restraint that is usually placed on movies.

2. The Selection Series

If you watched the Bachelor or the Bachelorette, you'll find that "The Selection" series is a bit similar, concept-wise, to them. However, the plot line and the background aspects of the story are completely different and unique. The series currently has no movies or shows but it completely deserves to be aired on TV. They're one of the best book series I've read so far and I'm completely in love with them. Instead of a movie, it should be turned into a show to capture the details of the book more accurately and not ignore some important scenes like most book-based movies do.

3. The Percy Jackson Series

Any fan of the "Percy Jackson" series who watched the two movies can tell you that the movies were horrible and terribly different from the books. There were many things wrong with the two movies made based on the books. For example, in the "Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters" movie, the reason of Grover's "imprisonment" in Polyphemus' cave was wrong. They showed that Luke Castellan was the one who caught Grover and sent him to Polyphemus' cave while in reality, meaning in the book, Grover is unknowingly lured into the cave while on search for Pan, god of the wild. Since the movies stopped after the second one was released, turning the books series into a TV would prove to be a success as many fans still crave for a visual reenactment of one of the most popular series. The TV will not have to compress the story into the time limit and upset fans with inaccuracy like the movies.

4. The Lockwood and Co. series

The "Lockwood and Co." series is another one of the best book series I've ever read. It revolved around a small agency, among many others, that helps people get rid of the spirits in their houses. It's an excellent thriller series where you'll fall in love with Lockwood and his charm, relate greatly to Lucy and enjoy George's witty remarks. This series is a must read and to make it even more entertaining and popular, it must be made into a show. The visuals it would include would not doubt be amazing and interesting to watch.

5. The Maze Runner

The "Maze Runner" movies were definitely great to watch but like many book-based movies, it was not completely accurate. For example, in the first book, after Chuck is killed, Thomas attacks Gally. However, in the "The Maze Runner" movie, Gally is "killed" by Minho who throws a spear at him. If the the book were to be turned into shows, people who haven't read the books can watch the story details in more depth rather than rushing through it like in the movies.

Not every series is made into shows buthere are five of them that would be fantastic to see on-screen in greater depth and detail.

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