I have worked the same job since I was 15. Since my days of working concessions and front desk on a worker's permit, I have seen a lot of different employees come in. However, if you've ever worked in Guest Services or any sort of job where you are dealing with the public, you know it is the worst when people give you a hard time.

There are many ways that people can fall into this category. For one, if you are that person who comes fifteen minutes before closing. I want you to know how upsetting that is to the people who work at that facility. Yes, it is true we are open but if we are trying to close and you have to be that guy who stops in with five minutes to spare, it is extremely frustrating. There is really nothing we can do about this one but if you are ever trying to stop in somewhere at night, have some respect and come at a decent hour.

Our next problem is those people who don't realize when something is out of our control. For example, I am eighteen years old. Yes, I am a manager but obviously, there are people above me who oftentimes give me the orders that I present to the public. If you want to get mad at someone, you should make sure that you are actually talking to the person who is responsible for your anger. We've all heard the saying, Don't shoot the messenger here people.

I would also like to give a shoutout to those people who don't listen to you when you call them out for breaking a rule. Yes Ma'am, I can see your upset but if I'm asking you not to do something, I probably have a reason. Most employees are not out to get their customers so if they are asking you to abide by the rules, they probably have a good point.

I love my job but it gets tough when those who you serve don't respect your boundaries or the rules presented to them. You may be older than the employee you speak to but we still hold some authority. Next time you visit a public place or a place or service, I recommend that you give the employees a smile or a nice "please" and "Thank you", it makes our day better and it might just make yours better too.