The spring season often involves a lot of moving around, whether that's out of a college dorm for the summer or out of your actual house for a fresh change. The warm weather brings a lot of for-sale signs and tag sales that can be both exciting and extremely exhausting.

No matter where you're moving out of and where you're going next, the process is virtually the same for all of us. You might be joyous about a new change or dreading the impending move, but we all have to complete the chore of buying boxes, sorting through our stuff, and figuring out what to bring and what to keep.

1. When You First Start The Process

Getting a fresh start can be invigorating, and sometimes the idea of packing up everything and finally organizing can be fun. You're ready to begin the next journey, and that starts with cleaning up and packing. It may take some mental preparation, but you know you can do it and you're even a little happy about it.

2. When You Put Away More Than Two Things In a Box

Packing is truly hard work, and putting a single object away can feel like you've just finished a marathon. You're panting, you're sweaty, you're ready to take a break after putting away a single plate.

3. When You Start Finding A Lot of Random Trash

Personally, I know that every time I moved out of a place, I found so many unnecessary things: old homework, random food wrappers, opened mail envelopes, all just laying underneath a pile of miscellaneous objects. I don't necessarily think I'm a hoarder, but it definitely made me realize how lazy I have been over the years. Instead of just throwing out a candy wrapper, I would stick it in a drawer or on my desk for "later." I just didn't think "later" meant four years later.

4. Having to Decide What to Keep and What to Give Up

It can be difficult to discern what clothes still have some life in them and which shirts are just too stained. Or, we find that dress we promised we were going to wear eventually, but we never have. It's hard to give stuff up, but you also don't want to pack up everything if you're not going to use it.

5. When You Realize You Have Way More Than You Thought You Did

For me, I always think I will need just a couple of boxes and the whole process will take twenty minutes. However, I quickly realize that I'm not just packing clothes and shampoo, I'm actually packing up everything. I end up needed twice the amount of containers I thought I did, and whenever I finally close up a specific box, I discover at least five things that I should have put in it.

6. When You Can't Live a Normal Life Because Your Stuff is Packed

Especially when you're towards the end of the packing process, it's hard to really do anything because you don't have any of your stuff. Your kitchen utensils, your bedding, your everything is gone. This probably means a few nights of sitting on the living room floor eating take-out food (which, in reality, sounds kind of ideal after weeks of tiresome packing).

7. When You Finally Finish Everything

The satisfaction after you pack all of your stuff is a feeling like no other. You're finally ready to say goodbye to one chapter of your life. It may be a little scary, but at least you won't have to buy so much packing tape for a little while.

Moving is tiring, but it can also be a great way to start new and grow as a person. Whether you're at the beginning or the end of your packing journey, I wish you luck in choosing between whether you should give up that 6-year old dress or the jeans you've never worn. If it were me, I'd keep both.