Islamaphobia is an irrational fear of, and hatred towards Muslims, Islam, and to be honest, anyone who ignorant people think "looks Muslim." Recently, there was an attack on a 71-year-old Sikh man. He was beaten down and spat on, and what really got me, was that his attacker was a black man. A member of an oppressed group has the nerve to do that to do that to a member of another oppressed group? Really? Beating down an innocent elderly Sikh man to rob him is a hate crime, as well as dozens of acts of terrorism we witness on a daily basis. Here are 25 people I'd call a terrorist, and none of them are a 71-year-old Sikh man.

1. Donald Trump and his minion supporters.

A President who doesn't know he is the President of the U.S Virgin Islands, who tells his own Puerto Rican citizens that they are on their own to rebuild after a natural disaster, and who thinks human beings can be "illegal," and puts their children in cages, is number one on my terrorist watch list, and same goes for every single one of this evil-spawn supporters.

2. Nikolas Cruz (The Stoneman Marjory Douglass Shooter).

...and every other "misunderstood," "good kid," "bullied," "mentally ill" white boy who shot up a school, as opposed to just, you know, dealing with it in a healthy way, like everyone "bullied" who isn't a white male.

3. Property Managers.

Because they are absolute crooks who charge only respond to you when they are tricking you into renting out their rat and roach infested condo, then ignore you while they stalk your guests, and wait for your grass to grow half an inch so they can charge you $500 for an unauthorized tenant and property damage. Then you're just thanking God your lease is up and you don't have to deal with a leaky ceiling, they hold on to your deposit and charge you $200 for towel bars you never had, a $125 painting fee for a chip in a wall, a 100 dollar cleaning fee and a $50 solid waste removal fee for the imaginary trash they found left behind.

4. George Zimmerman.

For murdering an innocent child. And anyone who is still claiming to this day that he acted out of "self-defense" can choke on a crusty toenail and stop terrorizing Black people.

5. Johannes Mehserle, Daniel Pantaleo, Timothy Loehmann.

and a long list of shitty police officers who find pleasure in murdering black people, as well as the ones who condone, and/or do nothing to stop it. And because it's politically correct to say, "but there are some good cops," because no one seems to realize how sad that statement, in fact, is, I'll just say that the good cops are the ones who have squeaky clean records, don't abuse their power and do what they can to get bad cops kicked off the force and in prison. When you find one of those cops, tell them I said, they're one of the "good ones."

6. The Walmart manager that decides only 3 lanes need to be open.

But I guess when you're a corporation who treats your underpaid employees like cattle, it's easy to do the same to your customers.

7. Mechanics.

Explain to me how I take my car in for a simple oil change and come out needing 4 new tires, a new air filter, and a new head gasket?

8. People who walk into restaurants 5 minutes before it closes.

It's disrespectful af. If the kitchen closes at 10, the kitchen closes at 10! No, nobody wants to stay longer to make your meal. No, it isn't just you and it isn't just this one time. Yes, it is a big deal. Yes, you can expect your food to be half-assed.

9. My 12th grade English teacher who called me ugly. front of the entire class. Ms. Nancy Aleandre, you look like a jelly bean, and I bet those knees are still ashy!

10. My mom when I forgot to take meat out of the freezer.

But to be fair, as an adult, I see why my mom would get so annoyed. Oops.

11. Harvey Weinstein, Roy Moore, R. Kelly . . .

every man who has sexually assaulted someone, and every man who had kept quiet knowing their home-boy was sexually assaulting someone. Similar to the cop thing, I should probably add, but "ThErE ArE sOme GoOd MeN oUt ThErE."

12. Neo-Nazi's.

And every white nationalist hate group. And before someone says. "well, what about Black Lives Matter." *inhale* "exhale" Black Lives Matter is not a hate group, you just hate black lives. See the difference?

13. The Kardashians.

...and Jenners.

14. Men who catcall.


15. Lil' Kim's makeup artist.

No one should walk out of their house looking like a surprised ghost.

16. White women with cell phones.

Not all of them. Just the BBQ Becky's and the Permit Patty's of the world. It takes a special type of person to play with the life of a child or to frighten a child with the chance of actual death, which is exactly what Permit Patty was doing when she told a little black girl selling water that she was gonna' stick the police on her.

17. Businesses that aren't wheelchair accessible.

Does it really need to be explained that less-able-bodied people need to get around and be from day-to-day as well? How do you forget an entire sub-group of people (or I'll speak in terms of capitalism), a sub-group of paying customers when designing plans for your businesses?

18. Billionaires.

And more specifically the ones who refuse to give back to their communities, the communities that allowed them to have what they have in the first damn place.

19. I.C.E agents.


20. Anyone mommy-shaming breastfeeding moms.

Not a mom yet, but when I am, I'm whipping it out whenever why my child is hungry, and IDGAF. My breasts are for me and my child, not you and your perverted mind, so if you're bothered, go find Jesus.

21. Rachel Dolezal.

A white woman who loves black women so much is great and all, but um, no. Trans-racial is not a thing, bo. This is disrespectful.

22. Rich Chigga.

The epitome of loving black culture, but not black people. The reason an Asian man would appropriate hip-hop culture and then name himself a word used to rip the humanity from an entire race of people as they were being beaten, shackled and slaved.

23. Culture vultures.

Such as the Kardashians, the Jenner, Rich Chigga and every other non-black person who "appreciates" black culture, while simultaneously ghettoizing and demonizing black people as they stand by and watch black communities fall victim to capitalism, corrupt government, and tilted criminal justice as they stand back and use their privilege, power, money, and celebrity to save the damn whales.

24. Unilever

For knowingly poisoning hundreds of its Indian Factory workers with mercury and every corporation who values their dollar over the lives of those working for them.

25. The entire beauty industry.

Because someone decided that there was a beauty standard that only 5 people naturally fit into, and then used false advertising to brainwash millions of women into thinking they're ugly and for leading millions of women of color into believing that their race was inferior because the only women in their ads being called beautiful were white.

A terrorist is a loose term and American's have a bad habit of placing that name onto brown people who's religions they don't understand. Lets maybe try a bit of self-reflection.