People Tend To Come Into Your Life When You Need Them Most, But What Do You Need?
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People Tend To Come Into Your Life When You Need Them Most, But What Do You Need?

You'll meet so many different people in your lifetime, but what is it that brings them into your life?

People Tend To Come Into Your Life When You Need Them Most, But What Do You Need?
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Do you ever stop to wonder why some people are in your life? What brought them to you? Are they here to teach you something? The world seems to have an interesting way of working when it comes to things like this. All the time, new people are brought to you and each day you may find yourself getting to know them better in some way whether it be through actually talking to them or not. When they do come into your life, they may be lifelong or around for a shorter amount of time and may even come around when you need something the most. So, no matter the time frame or the reasoning, be sure to take the time to reflect on the people that have been brought into your life.

More and more people tend to come into your life when you least expect it. This may be for some sort of reason, but what is it? They may come when you want something or even when the world decides that you need something or have a lesson to learn. This could be positive or negative depending on the situation. When I started college, I noticed this trend more than past moments of my life and paid more attention to it as well. I had just moved to a new state and didn't know anyone my age there, so starting school knowing no one was very intimidating, to say the least. I was scared that I wouldn't make friends so easily with there being 20,000 students at my school and BOOM...the first couple of people came trickling into my life. I met the first at a club fair during my orientation when I was left to my own devices for the first time that day and was instantly overwhelmed by the number of people in that room. I didn't know where to go or who to talk to but was approached by someone who turned out to be super nice and made me feel better just by making a quick round of small talk. Just from this one moment, this first person, I was reminded that not everyone is scary and it doesn't hurt to talk to people despite me being ultra shy.

Around this same point, I was getting to know this girl who initially reached out to me looking for a roommate, but I already had one. From my experiences in trying to find a roommate, conversations seemed to fade out fast if you didn't fit some sort of mold the other person had created for who they wanted. You couldn't even keep a conversation going to make a friend. So, sitting there on a hot summer day and texting this other person despite no longer needing a roommate came as an absolute shock to me and I came to find out that she and I are polar opposites personality-wise. This was probably one of the most important lessons and realizations I was given. She's helped me with numerous social situations and activities I would never catch myself doing because I'm just not handy or outgoing at all. She turned out to be an actual star in my life and my go-to person for lunchtime conversations when we both could.

I made a friend in my roommate and a classmate. Starting college had me worried about finding the right roommate and one I would actually get along with, but thankfully I was gifted one that had many things in common with myself. It felt great to come back after a long day of school to someone with a similar personality who actually understood me and how it felt to feel intimidated socially. My other friend became my go-to person for basketball games and coffeeshop breaks. I honestly wasn't expecting to find a friend like him, but I'm so grateful I did. He's very outgoing as well, which combats all the quiet gaps from me and he's probably the nicest person I've ever met. Sadly, I learned he's transferring next year (the moving on part of this article), but thanks to the media, I'm able to still reach out and reflect on the good times we had.

Some people may come and go after a while, but it doesn't mean they're gone completely. When I moved to college, I left all of my best friends behind and we all kind of grew apart because life happens. But does distance define your relationship? Not necessarily. No matter the distance you're still able to communicate and share your love and appreciation for these people. Every single person that comes into your life is there for some reason. Whether it's to teach you something, to give you the love and relationship you truly need and deserve, or something else. They may be in your life forever or only for a certain period of time. Either way, remember to take time to really think about why the world sent you this person. While you're at it, don't forget to cherish the time you'll get with them.

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