After flying home for summer break and traveling abroad to visit my sister, I came to the realization that airports truly house a wide variety of people. Airports are international hubs for travelers from all walks of life, and if you take time to look around, you're bound to see some interesting characters.

Being at an airport means you are surrounded by thousands of other people, all coming from different places and embarking on different journeys. Sitting back and thinking about how different everyone's journey is, not only through the airport but through life as well, is pretty eye-opening. Even though traveling can be a hassle, airports really are the world's biggest melting pots.

1. The business man/woman

Every airport has its fair share of business people. They're often dressed up, sitting with their laptop propped open in their lap, busily typing away. They can be kind of intimidating, but you secretly strive to be able to travel for work just like them one day.

2. The inexperienced flyer

These are the people who take half an hour to make it through security, forgetting to remove their laptops, liquids, and shoes, despite the 50 signs telling them to do so. They're most likely stressed out and don't really know what they're doing. Flying can be a scary experience, especially your first time, so remember to be patient and kind to the inexperienced flyers you encounter.

3. The girl flying in heels, a full face of makeup, and skinny jeans

Honestly, this girl is who I strive to be. Sitting on a plane for eight hours in anything other than leggings and a sweatshirt physically makes my body ache, so kudos to anyone who actually looks good after a day full of traveling.

4. The lost tourist 

This type of person is really struggling to make their way through the airport. Maybe they don't speak English and have no idea what direction their gate is in. If you've ever traveled to a foreign country, you've undoubtedly been this person. Trying to buy a snack or find the bathrooms in a brand new country is harder than it sounds.

5. The person about to miss their flight

If you see someone sprinting past you, chances are it's someone chasing their flight. If you're prone to bad planning or have fallen victim to unexpected delays, you're bound to find yourself running through the airport to catch your connecting flight at one point or another. Don't worry though, the adrenaline will leave you feeling like Usain Bolt.

6. The mom with a crying baby

Nobody likes crying babies, but don't be rude and inconsiderate. If you see a mom trying to calm her crying newborn, stop giving her dirty looks. Flying with a tiny baby is no easy task and she's doing her best. Put your headphones on and jam out to your favorite playlist instead!

7. The one shoving you aside so they can push past you 

This is my least favorite type of person. Whether it be at the airport or on the actual plane, there are always a handful of people who fail to remember how to show common decency. Saying "excuse me" rather than shoving me to the side will make me more inclined to move, so please stop being rude.