Mom And Dad Weren't Kidding About Jealousy
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Sometimes I wonder about what other people say about me, what they think after me, what judgments they base off of my social media. And I specifically use the word wonder because I no longer worry about it.

Remember when you were a kid and your parents told you that you were bullied because people were jealous of you? And all you did was call bullshit because you thought so little of yourself? As I get older (and I still obviously have a long ways to go till I "grow up"), I've come to realize that my parents were right.

People are jealous. Because so many of us have demons that we hide. We make it look like we have our shit together. And then we see other people actually getting their shit together, juggling a million things, finding success, and of course, we crave that. -
It's so easy to forget your own power.

We get caught up in the triumphs of others that we resort to asking ourselves, "Well why didn't I do that?"

It's crucial to remember that we are all on such distinct paths. We have all experienced different traumas, different heartbreaks; we have different passions and different goals. You can't compare the sun to the moon. They serve different functions. Both important, both crucial to life, but polar opposites.

People are the same way.

When you look in the mirror tonight, whether it be while you're doing your skincare routine or while you're getting ready to go out, consider all the good things you have to offer, all the sunshine you brought into the world today. And when you wake up tomorrow, don't look back on the previous night as you scroll through Instagram and compare that sunshine to someone else's moonshine.

You were made this way for a reason.

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