48 People, 1 Alien, And 1 Animal I Would Vote For Before I Voted For Donald Trump
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Politics and Activism

48 People, 1 Alien, And 1 Animal I Would Vote For Before I Voted For Donald Trump

A list of candidates just as good as and better than the one the GOP picked.

48 People, 1 Alien, And 1 Animal I Would Vote For Before I Voted For Donald Trump

The 2016 presidential election is coming up fast and it is certainly one for the history books.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the two most likely candidates at the moment are Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State and a hard-working government employee and politician since 1971, and Donald Trump, a businessman whose success has been misrepresented and whose policies are offensive and vague. I feel very strongly that one of these people is positively unfit to fill the position of President of the United States of America. To be clear, that one is Donald Trump.

Below is a list I have compiled of people I would rather see as POTUS than Donald Trump. Lots of these people are fictional. Most of them are not really qualified for the job. Some of them would probably be very bad at it. But all of them are better people than Donald Trump. So, while only one of them will make it onto my ballot come November, please enjoy this list of people I would vote for before I voted for Donald Trump.

1. Madame Secretary Hillary Clinton

Let’s be honest—this list is in no particular order, but this person was still strategically placed at the top of my list.

2. Leslie Knope

Someone who would be a legitimate contender based on experience, education, and general goodness...If she wasn’t tragically fictional.

3. Andy Dwyer

A step ahead of Trump with his actual experience working in government, philanthropy, and a campaign that wasn’t his own.

4. April Ludgate-Dwyer

5. Donna Meagle

6. Tom Haverford

A better entrepreneur and presidential candidate than Trump!

7. Buffy Summers

8. Willow Rosenberg

9. Jackie Burkhart

About as qualified as Trump, at least she’s not hateful and ready for war.

10. The Doctor

He literally has had thirteen faces that we know of and I still trust him more than I'd trust Trump. Plus, he once served as President of the Universe. There's basically no contest.

11. Donna Noble

12. Sherlock Holmes

13. Margaery Tyrell

14. Daenerys Targaryen

15. Brienne of Tarth

16. Jon Snow

17. Tyrion Lannister

Though his morals are questionable, he’s far better educated.

18. Hodor

The man only says “Hodor” and I find what he says more compelling than anything Trump says.

19. Nyota Uhura

20. Lisa Simpson

You’re lying if you say you think she wouldn’t be a good president.

21. Willie the Groundskeeper

22. Joey Tribbiani

23. Kanye West

A real person actually interested in the position! And bonus: Miley Cyrus told Jimmy Fallon she'd run with him as VP.

24. Han Solo

25. Natasha Romanoff

26. Bruce Banner

Green is a much prettier color than orange.

27. Tony Stark

@Donald Trump

28. Michael Scott

29. Dwight Schrute

30. Erin Hannon

31. Kelly Kapoor

32. Mindy Lahiri

Oh, you're not seeing double. I really did put two Mindy Kaling characters on here in a row. Because any Mindy Kaling character beats this real-life cartoon of a man actually running for president.

33. Big Murder

Okay, you'd have to dig pretty deep into The Mindy Project for this to make sense. But just consider this: His name is Big Murder and I still prefer him to Donald Trump. This should be a clue.

34. Morgan Tookers

Unfortunately, as an ex-con, Morgan Tookers is not really an option...also, he’s fictional.

35. Joan Jett Blakk (a.k.a. Terence Smith)

A real-life person who actually ran for president!

36. Poussey Washington

Experience, education, and a good heart if ever I’ve known one. But also a convict. And also fictional. I didn’t say my list was without flaw.

37. Elliot Alderson

I'll admit that he's somewhat lacking in people skills. Then again, so is Trump.

38. Liz Lemon

39. Diana Prince

40. Peggy Carter

Arguably one of the best choices on this list, though I don’t think she’d be interested.

41. Walter White

42. Walter White, Jr.

43. Clay Aiken

Another real person with a not non-existent political career, if not a particularly successful one, but not because he wasn’t up to the task!

44. Santana Lopez

45. Camille Saroyan

Me in November if the unspeakable happens.

46. Gabriel Green

Google this guy. Trust me.

47. Morticia Addams

48. Jane Villanueva

49. Rogelio de la Vega

His would be a presidential term dedicated to self-love. And that sounds good to me.

50. Limberbutt McCubbins

A literal cat.

This November, when you have a choice to make, please choose someone (or something, if you're feeling good ol' Limberbutt here) who has proved to you that they intend to make changes for the better.

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