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    I'm not sure there's anything terribly interesting about me. On the off-chance that I'm wrong, do feel free to follow me on my social networks. If I get enough Twitter followers, I might even tweet.

    I'm a husband, a father, a meat cutter, a poet, a think-too-mucher ("philosopher" sounds so pretentious!), and a writer of things both true and false (i.e. non-fiction and fiction). I can't decide if I love the human race or hate it. I suppose I take turns doing both.

    I try to live right and be worth the air I breathe. I think that's good policy. If you agree, we can be great friends. Get in touch with me somewhere on the internet and we'll drink a few virtual beers together. If you live close enough, maybe we'll even drink a few real beers. Or coffee. I also like coffee.

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