11 Paying Writing Contest To Enter This Summer
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11 Paying Writing Contests To Enter This Summer

Write it, send it, get paid for it.

11 Paying Writing Contests To Enter This Summer

Struggling artist is more than a trope. Most of the time, it's a reality for recent graduates, young artists, older artists, and anyone who has ever thought about writing a book. Luckily, there are ways to get around being a starving artist. Sometimes by searching long and hard, you can find opportunities for a chance at paid publication for your shorter works. This list compiles themed submissions and writing contests with no entry fees and payment if your work is selected for publication. Good luck my friends!

1. Litro Magazine with the theme of addiction


Whatever addiction may mean to you they want to read about it whether fiction or real, use their pages as part of your cathartic process. They accept short fiction, flash/micro fiction, and nonfiction. But they do not accept poetry. Check it out!

2. FurPlanet: The Rabbit Dies First


A chance for stories of all genres: scifi, fantasy, horror, mystery, crime, romance, or slice of life -- to name a few -- all centered around two concepts: the rabbit is going to die, and someone else is next. Check it out!

3. A Midsummer Tale Narrative Writing Contest: Thunderstorms


Write a story that takes place before, during, or after a summer thunderstorm. The genres include both fiction and creative non-fiction. Check it out!

4. Blue Mountain Poetry Card Contest


These poems don't need to rhyme but they should capture some real emotion. First prize is $300 and there's more!

5. Riddled with Arrows: The Invisible World


They are seeking writing-related fiction and metafiction, ars poetica, essays, visual art and non-classifiable written objects that reveal the unseen. Think automatic writing, runes, prophets, magic scrolls, disappearing ink, smoke signals, treasure maps, messages on steamed mirrors. Check it out here!

6. Coffin Hop Press: Baby, It’s Cold Outside


This holiday crime anthology is looking for winter holiday themed (Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, etc.) crime stories for this anthology. They want dark, deadly and noirish stories of holiday havoc and yuletide woes. Send your great stuff here!

7. Owl Canyon Press Short Story Hackathon


Writers are invited to create and submit a short story consisting of 50 paragraphs. The contest provides the first and last paragraph (see below) and the short story writer crafts the rest. Find the first and 50th paragraph here!

8. Spring Song Press: Oath and Iron


The story must address the "Oath and Iron" theme in some way. Oath and iron is a reference to fairies and the treacherous bargains they make. They're interested in both classic and new interpretations of fairies. Send your fluttering fiends their way!

9. On The Premises: Near Death Experience


For this contest, write a creative, compelling, well-crafted story between 1,000 and 5,000 words long in which one or more characters almost die, but do not. Check it out!

10. ImagineOutWrite


ImageOut invites LGBTQ authors and allies to submit original literary works to be considered for publication in the 7th edition of the ImageOutWrite literary journal. Send your submission here!

11. ABA Journal/Ross Writing Contest for Legal Short Fiction


This contests is looking for original works of fiction of no more than 5,000 words that illuminate the role of the law and/or lawyers in modern society. Send your stuff their way!

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