Instagram is no longer just about posting, nowadays people post for their feeds. For a beginner looking at amazing feeds can make doing the same for your feed seem daunting and impossible, but once you know all the tricks it is super easy! Hopefully this article will give you the foundation you need to make your feed amazing.

Pick a theme 

A dark theme I chose to do in the Winter of 2017

Carmelle Ngalamulume

Choosing a theme helps you stay disciplined on what to post and make your overall feed come together. Your feed can vary from being a color, a certain filter or mood i.e. happy, funky, mellow. It is completely up to you on how you want it to look. I like to change my feed based on the seasons. during the spring and summer I post brighter and colorful photos and in the fall and winter I post darker photos.

Use an editing app


Carmelle Ngalamulume

While all photos do not require editing, doing so makes it easier to create a theme if all your photos have the same filter. Editing apps also keep your photos looking posh and gives you creative freedom. I recommend using VSCO because it is free and has an assortment of filters and tools to make your photos look perfect.

Organize your photos before you post them 


Carmelle Ngalamulume

It can be difficult to mentally visualize how a photo may effect your feed or how a group of photos will come together, so using apps to organize your photos allows you to physically visualize this. I recommend using the app UNUM because it is synchronized with your Instagram account so do not have to manually do it on the app. UNUM also allows you to switch photos around and this makes organizing them easier.

Switch up your themes


If you find yourself getting bored with your current theme or your pictures no longer suit a theme it is okay to change the theme. In fact, I believe changing your theme makes your feed more interesting. When changing it you can either switch right away or you can post 3 similar photos that can act as a barrier between the differing themes.

Do not compare your feed to others 


It is okay to use other feeds as a reference, but do not compare your feed to others. Everyone is unique in their own way and eventually you will find what works best for your feed, based on yourself not someone else. I have found when I tried to copy or compare my feed to others it was not authentic, but when I began doing my own thing the results were amazing.