Patriarchal Psychosis

Patriarchal Psychosis

Patriarchal Societies Are An Archaic Form Of Insanity That Terrorizes Over Half The Population Into Lower Class Status

Western civilization has had a long history of patriarchal constructs. Even today our social structure still contains echoes of our patriarchal past, in the same way we still hold echoes of racial supremacy structures. The control asserted by patriarchy consists on a spectrum ranging from economic disenfranchisement to exploitation for profit, to being perceived as property and dehumanization and enslavement. Rape is a prime example as one of the most antithetical experience to inflict upon a person, especially a woman. Rape has always been a tool employed to psychologically and physically control; to the extent of subverting more than half of the species.

It is interesting to note that when the human species was younger, dating back further than 12,000 years; women were worshiped as goddesses. However, during the Younger Dryas mass extinction the human population was reduced to roughly 2000 at one point; with only about 50 fertile females remaining of the species. Disproportionately altering structures of social coagulation and organization rapidly. It is the following millennia that we see the transformation of women being worshiped as goddesses into women being perceived as dehumanized property. The perception of divinity altered during this period from a pantheistic and paganistic perspective as feminine to one of masculinity such as the Abrahamic monotheistic religions. It is arguable that the extensive catastrophes that occurred during the mass extinction delusioned the male half of the species into a form of psychosis out of desperation for survival.

What originally started as guardianship and mutual respect, descended into a form of madness as the egotistical primeval brute within the male population's psyche had an unchecked majority in the species. If we extrapolate the perception of that ancient perspective of women being goddesses, then one of the most antithetical thing imaginable would be desecrating the temple of life (metaphorically speaking), which is precisely what rape does. Furthermore from a philosophical perspective, the repercussions of such horrifying treatment on a large scale installs the same mental destruction suffered by any terrorized population. Women are raised to think sexual assault and abuse is normal in the same way populations in the Middle East are taught that drone bombardments are normal.

Additionally the inherent respect of treating women with the recognition they deserve for preserving the species becomes completely lost and forgotten by those apathetic to the systematic atrocities like rape. The dehumanization via asinine anti-feminists, men's rights activists, and meninists movements and groups utilize wit, sarcasm, and cleverness in place of intelligence, wisdom, and understanding to harass women in concerted efforts. However, other portions of society absorb these ideas and exasperate the dehumanization as well; largely as a result of apathy.

The problem of rape is the responsibility of those taking such hostile actions. The person raped is not the one to blame, no matter the circumstances. A woman could walk down the street naked and that would still not be an excuse for someone to force themselves upon her. The archaic continuation of rape as an acceptable event has reached a maxim; the behavior has never been excused, merely ignored. That ignore-ance that has perpetuated this historic atrocity does not stand to last longer into the 21st century. New generations are documenting its occurrence and are making an effort to eliminated it as a tool of oppression. Patriarchy is a shell of what it once was, but it's subtle repercussions still cast an influential shadow of our society. Even with counterrevolutionary forces preventing patriarchy from falling into history, the light of the reality of these atrocities will still shine through and the terrorizing of over half the species will finally end.

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Will Enough Ever Be Enough?

Yet another school shooting in America, still nothing done. We are dying.

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018: We are all heartbroken to hear about another school shooting.

At Great Mills High School in Maryland, a 17-year-old male is pronounced dead at the scene after shooting two other students and a school resource officer. Just before their first period started, at 7:55 am, Austin Rollins shot one male and one female student with a handgun before being shot by the school's resource officer. While the 16-year-old female is in critical condition, the 14-year-old male is currently stable. This is the 17th school shooting in 2018. That's 17 days out of the past 80 that parents have gone to bed with their children in body bags as a result of gun violence.

I don't care what political party you associate with, gun violence is completely out of control. I am a registered Republican and completely agree with stricter gun laws. Learn the difference between a gun ban and sales control. Concerned citizens are not trying to take away your guns, but are trying to take away the rights from those that are risks.

Could you imagine legally having to send your child to school but never coming back? You've packed their lunch, maybe with a special note, and gave them a kiss before they left for school, not knowing that it was their last. No matter where we go, we are not safe. We can't go to malls, movie theaters, schools, or even churches without having to worry if it will be our last trip. Our homes, our places of worship, and our schools are supposed to be the places where we feel safest and, instead, our children are filled with fear. Instead of focusing on the political views that divide these groups, why don't we focus on what unites us? Why don't we focus on protecting our kin?

Everyone has had an opinion on the walkouts that have been happening around the country. Everyone has had an opinion on the 17 minutes of silence for the 17 children lost in the Florida shooting. I've seen people disgusted that Nickelodeon had 17 minutes of broadcast cut because it "interrupted the only program [I] let [my] children watch".

If your child was shot at school, you wouldn't have to worry about what programs they watch, but rather where to bury them and how to afford their memorial.

I've seen people saying that it's no wonder that Millenials are dumb. They "find any excuse to cut class". Have you thought about the fact that they are genuinely worried about going to school?

Personally, I've experienced both a shooting scare at my high school and a bomb threat at my college. I shouldn't have to worry about my life ending. I'm legally forced to go to high school and get an education or I'm putting myself into a lifetime of debt to get a degree.

We are all too young to stress about gun violence. Our school years are supposed to be the times our of lives, but they're being wasted on worrying about dying every day.

Rest in peace to all of those who have lost their lives in shootings, not only this year, but always. Hopes, thoughts, and prayers go out to their loved ones. One day, we will unite and find a solution.

We need to work together and forget the labels of parties and cliques in school and look out for one another instead. There is no kind but mankind.

Cover Image Credit: Boston Herald

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The Republican Versus Democrat Stigma Needs To Slow Down

We Need To Be Individual Again

We as a society have developed an unnecessary need to place people in a specific party based on what could be a single value out of many. This is a letter for those who do not define themselves as one or the other; for those whose values range between conservative and liberal, for those who feel the unfortunate pressure of society to choose one even though your values do not fit just one.

The political parties at one point generally just meant “these are my basic beliefs, so this is the candidate I will vote for because they most closely represent them.” Party affiliation was harmless. Republicans and Democrats could get along fine, differing opinions not getting in the way of relationships and alignment. More importantly, you did not have to be part of a specific political party to be an active member of society. Your opinions and principles were yours.

Over the years following the last two election races, political parties gained a much more significant and defining meaning in our lives as individuals and as members of society. There is a newly developed stigma behind political opinions. You are almost pressured to feel one way or another about every single topic. If a majority of your values are of the conservative agenda, you must be a heart-and-all Republican. In contrast, if you are more liberal-leaning you are docked as a set Democrat. We as citizens are being labeled according to what may be a few hard-values. And dishearteningly enough, can be ridiculed for what we value. Even if you might not value everything the same as your determined party.

There exists those of us that hold values from both parties. It is possible to value women’s rights and also value a traditional marriage. It is possible to be a gun owner and also active in keeping children safe in school. You do not have to just submit to every belief of one party. You can value aspects of different parties and still be a functioning member of the American society. Do not let the looming obligation to declare yourself as strictly one or the other. You do not have to pretend you agree with everything Democratic or everything Republican; you can have your own values. And you should. Our society is messed up in the way that values are pushed on citizens. We are meant to be free individuals with our private values.

It is not fair to those of us who value different things. Not every American is a to-the-bone Democrat or Republican. It is possible to hold liberal beliefs as a conservative person. And Vice-Versa. We need to stop labeling one another as one or the other, conservative or liberal. We need to stop silencing each other because we have differing views. We need to accept not everyone is perfectly one party, and diversity exists. Open mindedness exists in Americans, despite the seemingly growing generalizations. We need to be able to agree to disagree on certain topics.
Cover Image Credit: LexiHanna

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