Why Passive Aggressiveness Is Of Little Worth
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Why Passive Aggressiveness Is Of Little Worth

It's like saying you're wet and purposely standing out in the rain.

Why Passive Aggressiveness Is Of Little Worth

I have noticed that many people do not understand how to solve a perceived problem that they face. I go to a school in which we are taught to think ahead of the game. We are literally taught to problem solve. We are taught to speak our minds. We are taught to be different. We are taught to be adults.

Each of my teachers has given me some kind of life lesson (whether I’ve wanted it or not.)

HB taught me and is still teaching me that there is a reason for everything in our world. All types of life exist for a reason. HB reminds me that the world that I live in is precious and that I shouldn’t take it for granted. He also is constantly reminding me that I can do it (whatever it is.) In a sense, he treats me like he’s guiding me through life. He encourages my curiosity and theoretical questions and acknowledges my unique nature......he cares for me.

Mrs. Fortson teaches me to be true to myself. She also reminds me that the world expands beyond the bubble that our school has forced us into. We are designed to grow up relatively quickly but still be shielded by Davidson’s protective spell. Mrs. Fortson breaks that spell and drags us into reality. She is not afraid to speak her mind. She is not afraid to tell us what we need to hear regardless of how our feelings are affecting. Mrs. Fortson also reminded me to take a bird’s eye view. Impartiality is key when viewing situations because we should be able to see all the factors.

Mrs. Walpert, Mrs. Walpert taught me so much, whether I asked for it or if she just shoved it in my face. She continues to teach me while handling all of her own business (and I can definitely say that she has a lot on her plate) and caring for me all at the same time. Just by observing her I can understand that I am able to accomplish anything. She reminds me that I am cared about by so many people even if the ties are relatively invisible. She reminds me to be strong and confident in myself and everything will fall into place. She, in a sense, Mothers me and I will never forget that.

With all these teachers and all these lessons, there are still some people who do not understand what it means to step up to the plate and be your own person. We are to confront those that we have a perceived problem with. It is not hard to simply go up to him/her and say

“We need to talk about this. I think it is very important.”

Try it.

By sending passive aggressive signals (which I can say that I have been guilty of) you are accomplishing nothing. The situation simply gets worse when you pretend like your perceived problem is not there. So be the bigger persons. Although many of the times both parties have been at it so long that there is no person that is right, perhaps clearing the air is necessary.

We have been taught all these lessons, even if you haven’t had one of these teachers. We absorb what we observe and hear. It would be a waste for you to continue to act like a child. Step up. I don’t dabble in others’ affairs, I simply watch and mentally record.

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