Think about what makes your day better, it could be your morning cup of coffee, your makeup routine, or that hot shower you take every day before you start your day. For me, listening to music on the way to class is the highlight of my day.

Getting to have such an easy access to all kinds of music is a true blessing to me because without it, I don’t know how I would function on a daily basis. When I listen to music, it automatically boosts my mood and makes me more appreciative of each and every note I hear in a song.

Growing up in a house of musicians definitely plays a huge part in my passion for music as well. My Dad plays guitar and played the drums way more frequently when he was younger. My brother plays all kinds of guitars: electric, bass, acoustic-you name it! I was envious of their knowledge and wanted to learn something else, so I took piano lessons.

From my perspective and what I have learned from growing up in a musical household is that knowing how to play a musical instrument strengthens one’s love for music as a whole. I stand by this because once I started playing piano, everything made even MORE sense.

I started playing and listening to music every single day at all times, nonstop. Music gives me energy and sets the mood for my entire day. I let music take over my entire body and all of my senses when I listen and I experience a sensation that I cannot describe.

Writing this and thinking about how much music impacts my life, I realized that I listen to it while doing almost everything. Whenever I run, you better believe that I am listening to my workout playlist. While studying, I have my top favorite study songs going. and even when I am driving, you can catch myself jamming in my car while driving the speed limit (don’t worry Mom)!

It is so fantastic to see how music impacts everyone too. At times, I like to make my way to the Music Hall at Texas Tech and listen to other students play their instrument. One time I stood outside the door of someone on the other side playing the violin. Their piece brought me to tears and I was standing there balling my eyes out JUST from hearing them play.

Music has so much power and importance to me that I have no doubt that music would safe me from anything. I am ready to fight anything that comes my way with my passion for music!

If you can relate to this article, feel free to contact me about it because this topic is something that should not go unnoticed. I love chatting with others about music and if you have any song suggestions, please send them my way. If you need to hear any weird, new aged, electronic vibes let me know and I can set you up with some cool tunes! Thanks for reading and have a great, blessed week.