How Would Your Perfect Partner Treat You?
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How Would Your Perfect Partner Treat You?

You know how you don’t want to be treated, what about how you DO want to be treated?

How Would Your Perfect Partner Treat You?

I struggled this week with writing. More honestly, I struggled with a lot of things which you would think would have given me some inspiration for this weeks article but I had nothing. Luckily Pinterest is always there to save the day and in the search bar I typed "writing prompts" after scrolling for awhile I spotted it; number 18 on a list labeled Deep Questions to Ask was "How would your perfect partner treat you?" A million thoughts soared through my mind but number one was this was exactly the question I needed to sit with this week. I have been giving my heart, my time and my energy to people who never give anything back and I read that question and knew it was time to go over the answer with myself.

To start, nobody is perfect but I do believe there is a person out there that is perfect for me. I could write about my dream man, with the perfect eyes, hair and smile but that is all so shallow. He won't be perfect in every way he will just be perfect for me. I fall in love with those things, I think a lot of people do. I remember the deep brown eyes that catch me off guard, the golden locks that shine in just the right lighting and the smile that makes my stomach flip. I fall for that shit. Every single time. No matter how perfect those things all are they have no correlation with how my "perfect" partner would treat me.

My perfect partner would make sure I never question our relationship. Reassurance can seem unnecessary but for me it is an absolute must. I doubt myself all the time there is no question I will doubt them at times too. As ridiculous or high matinence as it seems I'm the girl that needs the random I'm thinking of you texts, the pink roses because well just because and the very public in a relationship status update on Facebook. My perfect partner would have no problem with any of those things. Reassurance is key.

Love is a tough word to talk about because everyone has a different idea of love. My perfect partner would "love me fiercely" to quote Hannah Brown from The Bachelorette. So dumb right? Wrong. I deserve that. I think that is the most accurate way to describe what love should look like. It's messy, passionate, terrifying, powerful, it's just so fierce. I want a love so deep that people can see it the moment we step into a room. I want to fight, cry and make up, over and over again. I want to be the woman they would do absolutely anything for. I want my future daughter to know how a man should treat a woman and my future son to have an outstanding example to become that man someday. I want nothing less than someone who loves me so fiercely that they are even willing to watch The Bachelorette with me.

Laughter is another key. I want my perfect partner to make me laugh and not just that innocent girly giggle. I want the gut rolling, snorting noises, pee your pants type laughter. There is so much beauty in a relationship full of laughter. The person that can make me forget about everything else and just make me laugh is the person I want in my life. I also need the serious conversations too though. My perfect partner would tell me everything and talk to me about anything. Tell me about their first heartbreak and truly listen when I tell them about mine. Come to me when I've done something that hurt them and work through it the same way when they have done something that hurt me. Communication is huge.

Most importantly my perfect partner would be supportive of me in every way. Help me to become the best woman I can be. I struggle and my perfect partner would be there by my side supporting me through all of it. Until I find that supportive, loving, reassuring partner I will continue to become the best woman I can be on my own.

When I first asked myself this question, I had a never ending list of how I definitely don't want my perfect partner to treat me. Unfortunately all based off of hurtful things from my past. I realized though I hadn't ever put a ton of thought into how I did want to be treated. Once I addressed that it was very clear who wasn't treating me as my perfect partner would. Someone very wise once told me "You gave it your all and knowing that, it should be enough to move on. You gave it your all." Don't continue to give 110% to the people who don't give it back in return. Give it your all and if that's not good enough move on until you find the perfect partner that gives their all right back.

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