40 Signs Your Partner Loves You
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40 Signs Your Partner Loves You

So you love them... but do they love you back?

40 Signs Your Partner Loves You

My fiancé and I have been in a relationship for about two years now and our relationship, in my opinion, is a healthy and strong one because of how we treat each other. I’ve always been strong willed, I know exactly what I want and will work to achieve it. As such, I’ve had a clear list in my head of what my partner would need to do in order for me to trust that I could build my life with them. Below are my top 40 things that my partner and I do in order to keep our relationship healthy and strong. Obviously we aren’t perfect, people fuck up, but generally speaking, if your partner does these things then they definitely love you and you are in a healthy and good relationship.

  1. Listens when you speak
  2. Doesn’t talk over you
  3. Remembers the things you say
  4. Remembers the things you like
  5. Respects your opinions even when they are different then theirs
  6. Attempts to understand where you am coming from
  7. Knows that the things you say when your hangry don’t represent things you actually believe
  8. Gives you space when upset so that you both can work out your own feelings before attacking each other
  9. Allows both of you to work out the things that upset you both
  10. Makes sure one of you isn’t playing the martyr so you don’t harbor resentment
  11. Is okay with compromise and willing to work towards it
  12. Understands your humor and you understand theirs
  13. Has their own opinions
  14. Enjoys telling you their thoughts
  15. Wants to tell you about their day so that you can be apart of it even when you weren’t there
  16. Doesn’t purposely deceive you
  17. Trusts what you say
  18. You can trust what they say
  19. Allows you space to be an individual
  20. Respects your likes and dislikes even when different than theirs
  21. Actively tries to engage in your interests
  22. Doesn’t put down your hobbies
  23. Helps you reach your goals
  24. Acts as your voice of reason but doesn’t seek to doubt your abilities or put you down
  25. Willing to watch what you want to watch when it’s your turn to choose
  26. Willing to try your ideas with you
  27. Knows what your limits are (Social, sexual, familial ect.)
  28. Appreciates your talents and makes sure you know it
  29. Helps to build your self esteem
  30. Is willing to comfort you when it’s needed
  31. Enjoys spending time with you
  32. Wants to experience new things with you
  33. Waits to watch the shows you both are watching until you can watch it with them (or at least doesn’t spoil the episodes for you)
  34. Doesn’t allow others to put you down either (even if it’s other members of their or your family with in reason)
  35. Doesn’t make you feel like you need to prove yourself or your love to them
  36. Makes sure you feel loved (simple things that telling you they love you, holding your hand in public, not hiding the relationship)
  37. Tries to make you smile
  38. Reminds you of your strengths and helps with your weakness (ex: Knowing you are fantastic at emails but not at calling people so they help with calling doctors because calling people doesn’t challenge them)
  39. Remembers you in their daily lives (ex: doesn’t spend all the savings on something that only benefits them or decide without your input to take a job across the country)
  40. Looks at you as if you are the most amazing thing they’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing
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