Believe it or not, the Parks and Recreation Department of Pawnee, Indiana relates heavily to the life of a college student. Well, I guess the more you think about it, it's not so shocking, we've all met an April, Andy, and Leslie on our college campus. But anyways, as I was rewatching the show, I found myself making connections to my own life as a Villanova student while and I came to realize that life in Pawnee (RIP lil sebastian) is a lot like life on the Main Line.

1. When you spot Jay Wright on campus (or any male basketball player for that matter) (or Fr. Peter) (or a dog)

2. When you spot a professor that you really hate (or that really hates you)

3. When you found out there would be no musical guest at Hoops Mania this year :/

4. When you are stuck behind a huge tour group but are 5 minutes late to class on the 4th floor of tolentine

5. Having class on the 4th floor of tolentine. When the heat is blasting.

6. When it's sylly week and you're ready to get, well, ~silly~...

7. ...but then your teacher decides to actually teach meaningful material after breezing through his syllabus

8. When you feel sick and go to the health center but they just throw you a box of mucinex like it's candy or they quarantine you for 2 days

9. When its 75 and sunny and you decide to go lay out with your friends on The Oreo or go to Doba Happy Hour

10. When its -10 and snowy and you have to walk all the way to West

11. When you really want an iced green tea but Bartley Holy Grounds is out :/

12. When you start of the semester with a full amount of points

13. When you are suddenly out of points 3 weeks in

14. When you realize you will literally never be kissed under the arch

15. When you go to the library for the "good ice"

16. When you want to go out but the line at Kelly's is around the block and AR isn't the bouncer

17. When you finally get into Kelly's and DJ Paco is playing the soundtrack to Grease (?) and you immediately evacuate the second floor

18. But then DJ Paco gets his act together

19. When you really just want to order Campco even though you ~really shouldn't~

20. When you take yourself for margs after a long Monday

21. When you can hear that the "walk sign is on" but you aren't even close to the cross walk

22. When it's reading day and literally no rooms, tables, or classrooms are available to study in

23. When the pit ...cooks...

24. When you are #blessed with the best roommate and friends and you just want to tell them u love them everyday

25. When you remember your time is #limited and the g word is fast approaching

26. When you remember that you are #NATTY CHAMPS