29 Weird Terms Kids Use, And Their Definitions For Parents
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29 Weird Terms Kids Use, And Their Definitions For Parents

Your kids will be shook AF you can understand them now.

29 Weird Terms Kids Use, And Their Definitions For Parents

Parents, have you ever been scrolling through social media or texting your millennial kid, and out the blue, you see a word and have no idea what it means? Welcome to the future. We've entered an era where technological advances are being made every day, and these advances in technology are inadvertently accompanied by advances in slang language, AKA the random, senseless words you hear your kids say.

New slang terms are invented almost every day, and with an ever-growing list of acronyms, phrases, and words it can be hard to keep up with today's 'hip lingo!' If you're tired of constantly having to ask your kid what 'lit' means, then worry no longer! I'm here to give you a guide to all the weird slang terms your kids use! So study this list. Memorize it. Learn it. Then use some of the words in front of your kids. They'll be shook AF, trust me.

1. AF

Definition: an acronym meaning 'as f*ck'; adds emphasis to something else

EX: I'm going to be tired AF after finals week.

2. Basic

Definition: used to describe someone/something that lacks originality; to be predictable or mainstream

EX: Uggs are so basic.

3. Clapback

Definition: a witty comeback OR to give a witty comeback

EX: She was talking smack, so of course I had to clapback!

4. Daddy

Definition: a partner who takes very good care of you OR a person who you really admire or worship; not your actual father

EX: Channing Tatum is daddy.

5. Dead

Definition: when something is so funny/ironic/unbelievable that you're figuratively dead

EX: I was dead after she told me what he did.

6. DM

Definition: an acronym meaning 'direct message' OR to send a direct message

EX: After I posted a really cute selfie, he DMed me.

7. Done

Definition: to be completely over something/someone

EX: I'm so done with my boss.

8. Extra

Definition: used to describe someone/something that is extremely over the top; to be excessive, dramatic, or inappropriate

EX: My calculus teacher is so extra for giving us all this homework.

9. Fam

Definition: a term of endearment used to identify someone's group of friends or an individual friend

EX: What's up, fam?

10. Finesse

Definition: to smoothly and indiscreetly trick or scam someone

EX: I finessed my teacher into curving the tests.

11. FR

Definition: an acronym meaning 'for real'; used to add emphasis to something else

EX: She FR doesn't care about her grades.

12. Goals

Definition: a phrase used to describe someone who has something that you really desire or need

EX: Kylie Jenner is goals.

13. GOAT

Definition: an acronym meaning 'greatest of all time'; used to describe someone who is the best at what they do; usually used in sports

EX: Lebron James is the GOAT!

14. Lit

Definition: used to describe something or someone that is amazing or popping

EX: That party last night was lit!

15. Lowkey

Definition: something that should be kept a secret; down low

EX: I lowkey failed my math exam.

16. P

Definition: an acronym meaning 'pretty'

EX: This class is p boring.

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17. Salty

Definition: used to describe someone who is incredibly angry/bitter about a past event

EX: I'm so salty that she didn't invite me to her birthday party!

18. Savage

Definition: used to describe a person with no filter OR to do/say something with no fear of the consequences

EX: She's such a savage for telling him that.

19. Shade

Definition: an insult or diss

EX: She was throwing major shade.

20. Shook

Definition: to be completely surprised/shocked/scared by something

EX: I got an A on my chemistry exam! I'm so shook!

21. Sis

Definition: a term of endearment used to describe your best girl friends

EX: Sis, you're doing amazing!

22. Snatched

Definition: used to describe someone who looks really good

EX: Her outfit was snatched!

23. Squad

Definition: a person's closest group of friends

EX: My squad is the best!

24. Sus

Definition: short for 'suspicious'; used to describe someone/something that's shady

EX: The food in the dining hall is kind of sus.

25. TFW

Definition: an acronym meaning 'that feeling when'; used to describe an emotion you feel in a particular situation

EX: TFW you forget to save your essay.

26. Thirsty

Definition: used to describe someone who is desperate, impatient, or extremely eager

EX: She'll date anyone! She's so thirsty!

27. Turnt

Definition: similar to lit; used to describe someone/something that's popping or fun

EX: We were so turnt at the party!

28. V

Definition: an acronym meaning 'very'

EX: You're v annoying.

29. Woke

Definition: to be fully aware of current events and social issues

EX: Stay woke! Don't let the media fool you!

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