I am not a fan of scary movies.

At all. I am not trying to press anyone by pretending to watch them, and I am most certainly not going to watch one by myself. I know who I am as a person, and it most certainly isn't someone that's emotionally stable enough to handle anything even remotely scary by herself.

I'm a child, plain and simple.

Remember that scary movie on Netflix, Veronica?

Well, obviously I've had zero interest in watching it because I like to sleep somewhat soundly at night, but a friend was definitely watching it and I unfortunately got a could of glimpses of it, and I was already freaked out.

I don't see how people do it.

Everyone is always saying "Oh it looks so fake! How could possibly be scared?"

That's a very good question, Shirley. It doesn't look fake to me, and it terrifies me.

What about the scary movies that claim to be based on a true story?


I will never watch anything that claims to have happened in real life? Because you know who it would happen to the second time? Me! And I refuse to be some movie producer's story without getting a cut from it.

The Scary Movie franchise? Yeah, those movies actually freak me out. Believe it or not, they don't scare me by any means, but they most certainly do freak me out. I don't like jump scares (hence every single one of my freak outs any time I'm in a haunted house), and I don't like the unexpected.

Honestly, it's a wonder that I even make it through the day at this point.

But, that's a separate issue, and we're not going to talk about it right now.

I'm just saying. I commend anyone that watches scary movies.

I had a date to watch a scary movie before and I actually went and looked up the entire plot before I saw the movie just so I wouldn't be scared by anything. Yeah, that pretty much sums me up honestly. But, I have no shame in it. That's just the type of person that I am.

An emotionally unstable person that doesn't like scary movies or loud noises. I'm a catch, aren't I?