Papa, I'm Missing you
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Papa, I'm Missing you

Memories are some of the human heart's greatest treasures.

Papa, I'm Missing you

Memories are some of the human heart's greatest treasures, and when we lose someone, sometimes that is the only way we can hold onto them...

I lost my grand-dad in 2014. Even though I miss his cheerful voice and warm smile everyday, the memories are what keeps him alive.

One of my favorite memories of him was making Rice Krispy Treats. As my feet were dangling off the counter, my dark brown eyes were gazing at the Rice Krispy treats sitting in front of me. The tip of my tongue licked both of my lips slowly as I could feel the anticipation in the air. Though at four years old it is very rare for a child to have any concept of time; time was very evident at this moment. As my eyes shifted themselves up to my granddad who was standing over the treats, all I wanted was a head nod but nothing; instead Papa’s warm smile looked back at me for a brief moment before turning his gaze back to the treats. Most kids have their favorite food; whether it is pizza, chocolate chip cookies, or grilled cheese sandwiches, but my favorite has always been Rice Krispy treats. Daddy and I would make Rice Krispy treats every Christmas Eve to give to Santa, perhaps that is where my love for the snack stems from.

My eyes stayed locked onto the treats. I could feel my mouth beginning to water “ Are they ready yet papa?” I asked in almost desperation. A warm laugh escaped his throat as he pulled out a knife from the knife rack. “ No yet,” He said in his chipper tone. Seconds passed, but they felt like years to a four-year-old. As my feet continued to dangle over the counter, I scooted my body closer to my granddad as my brown eyes continued to stare at the Rice Krispy treats. “ Are they ready now?” Papa smiled and shook his head once again. “ Not yet”. A large sigh escaped my throat. Moments once again passed as I slowly licked my bottom lip, creeping closer to the treats. “ Now are they ready papa?” Papa’s laugh rose as he slightly threw his head back and shook his head. “ Not quite” Another impatient sigh left my throat.

Suddenly, the shrill scream of the telephone cut the small conversation between papa and me. My granddad turned around and walked around the counter, which led him to the refrigerator in the corner, which is where the phone is placed. As he picked up the phone, my brown eyes widened and without another word I snatched a Rice Krispy Treat out of the pan and stuffed it in my mouth. Seconds later papa turned back around at me and a loud warm and chipper laugh left his throat. He walked back towards the counter and took out another Rice Krispy treat and handing me one as he ate one as well. The sweet taste of the Rice Krispy treat just melted in your mouth. Patience can only go so far with a four-year-old kid.

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