Pale People Makeup Problems

Pale People Makeup Problems

"I guess I will buy the lightest shade of foundation that has a hint of yellow"

As someone who has lighter skin than most people, I always have the issue of not being able to find an inexpensive foundation for when I do my makeup. The lightest shade is always a yellow tint and I do not think that drugstore makeup companies realize that there are people with lighter shades than whatever is in the picture above (and below as well).

Another issue I have with drugstore "pale" foundations is when I apply it only on my face, there is a distinct difference where you can see the places I put foundation on and places I did not because the lightest shade I can find is still not light enough for my skin tone. It is even worse when your father (who knows nothing about makeup) notices it too. There are a few foundations that fit my skin tone better but I do not want to spend more than $18 each time from Sephora (even if I am obsessed with the whole store!) I think some people think it is "cute" that my light skin does not correlate with a lot of drugstore foundations, but my foundation streak is not fun to blend either.

If anyone out there knows of a light drugstore foundation that is lighter than most "pale" shades, please let me know! Otherwise I am most likely going to accept the fact that I will never find an inexpensive foundation that blends well with my skin tone.

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A Series Of Unfortunate Events: Cashier Edition

Some truly unfortunate situations...

The title speaks for itself; the weirdest and most unfortunate things that have happened to me during my career as a Fresh Market cashier. Puts a spin on the usual snobby costumers yelling at me over every little thing. I've endured this severe pain, now you have to as well.

1. The man that bled all over my register

In his defense, he didn't realize he was hemorrhaging. Nonetheless, this man was profusely bleeding from almost all orifices of his upper body and made little effort to stop when his blood splattered all over the counter. He refused a band-aid, and only accepted a paper towel.

2. The baby that spit up all over my register

I guess you get to a certain point in early motherhood where you stop caring, because this mother had the very audacity to let her baby, who had just spit up all over her shirt, sit on the counter of my register, and continue spitting up in my area. The clean up was phenomenal.

3. The girl who's wheelchair somehow pierced a hole in several boxes of soda

The likelihood of this occurring doesn't even seem existent. A woman was rolling up in her wheel chair, and somehow, a sharp piece of it impaled multiple boxes of soda and they all decided to explode in front of my register.

4. The woman who insisted I didn't work there, and decided she could make up her own deal

I was flabbergasted. This woman came up with random items and started replacing them with the items included in the meal deal. I don't have this type of authority. I don't think anyone has this type of authority, the deals include specific items for a reason, and they're preset into the system. I was so confused with whatever she was doing, that she thought I didn't work there, and she started marching around the store demanding help from random patrons.

5. The guy that asked me to go home with him

It started off so simple. All I wanted to do was ask this dude how his day was, and have him pay for his groceries. He decided that it would somehow benefit him to ask me to come back to his apartment when I got off work, and we could "hang out." Needless to say, my answer was a resounding no.

6. The grandma who persistently tried to set me up with her grandson

Oh, he's cute, funny, has a fantastic job at a computer programming company, AND he's ready to be married? Great. I'm 17 and have no idea who you are.

7. The elderly woman that tried to convert me

It started out as a simple conversation about religion, and it turned into a 30 minute rant about how Jesus Christ could save me and a line of at least 30 angry costumers.

8. The man that decided he should play with my hair

"Your hair, it's so pretty", the man said as he twirled his fingers through my luscious locks. No sir. Did I consent to you touching me? I don't think so. How am I supposed to check you out like this? I'm uncomfortable.

9. The lady that changed her mind...about everything

$200 worth of produce she had unpacked onto my register. "You know what", she said. "I think I've changed my mind...on all of this." And with that, she waltzed out of the door, leaving me to spend an hour returning the rejected fruits and veggies to their respective areas.

10. The woman with the ingenious shoplifting heist

She loaded her cart with $800 worth of gift baskets and walked out the door. In broad daylight. And nobody noticed until it was far too late.

11. The multiple customers who use me as their personal therapist

As much as I would love to stay and chat about your failing marriage, ma'am, I have a line

12. The guy that thought it was appropriate to compliment me and proceed to turn to my coworker and ask if he, too, thought I was pretty.

Enough said.

Cover Image Credit: Wikia

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The 5 Best Foundations When You're The Palest Girl In Your Group

Yes Urban Decay is on this list, why would it not be!?

With my Irish background, pale skin has always been something I have had to deal with. While most of my friends could get a tan by just walking outside, I would either burn or have to resort to spray tans. One of my biggest struggles, however, was trying to find the best foundation for my skin tone. I've gone from looking like a washed-out ghost with some or a pink mask with others. Finally, I have found the perfect combination of products to use that work with my pale skin! Here are some of the products I love --

1. Naked Skin Weightless Liquid Makeup by Urban Decay

I have always been an Urban Decay fan and this foundation did not disappoint! It glides on very easy and stays on throughout the majority of the day with a little help, so if you own powder and prefer powder, this is the liquid foundation for you because it works the best with powder on top! My only flaw with this foundation is that if you are prone to acne like I am, it doesn't completely cover your zits because it's so lightweight. ($40.00)

2. IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream

This is my favorite foundation to wear in the summer, especially. IT comes in both regular and illuminating and it has SPF 50 UVA/UVB, so I tend to wear this when I go on tropical vacations! ($38.00)

3. Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation

For my acne-ridden girls (like me HOLLA AT YO GIRL), this is the foundation for you! Whenever I seem to breakout, this foundation is so smooth and covers literally every zit I have ever had and the color works PERFECTLY with my pale skin tone! 1700000/10 would recommend. ($39.00)

4. bareMinerals Bare Skin Foundation

This was the first foundation I have ever found that matched my skin tone to a T. One thing I have always loved about bareMinerals is the fact that no matter what hues your skin has or what color your skin is, you will always be able to find a perfect match through them. This company has a very good record for including all skin colors, tones and hues into their product lines, so when in doubt, this is where you should look. ($30.00)

5. Teint Couture Balm by Givenchy

When I went to Disney's EPCOT last summer, I picked this little baby up from the Givenchy store in the France Pavilion and, honestly, even though this brand is extremely high-end, and yes, this was the most expensive foundation I have ever bought, it was well worth it. It has lasted me over a year now and has SPF 15. The best part about it is that it gives my skin a nice tint in color and covers essentially everything on my face. If you're willing to fork over the money for it, I would have to say it is definitely worth its price. ($45.00-$51.00, depends on packaging)

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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