When thinking about buying an air freshener to eliminate odors, people usually think of brands such as Glade, Air Wick, Lysol or Febreze. Recently, I found an air freshener that not only eliminates odors, but also sanitizes the air. As the spray exits the Ozium bottle, it will begin to convert foul-smelling smoke particles into clean air. Most air fresheners take multiple sprays to spread through a room, but Ozium recommends only spraying for a couple seconds and it works. Although the room may not smell like the various fragrances that other freshers are available in, it works better to eliminate unwanted odors fast, but only comes in one fragrance (smells like a hint of lemon). Although Ozium was created to fight against airborne bacteria and germs in hospitals, this product is most popular for people who regularly smoke cigarettes since the smell will linger in their house or cars.

When people spray Febreze, it covers up the smell with roses or vanilla. When spraying Ozium, it actually eliminates the odors, also known as airborne bacterias.

On Amazon, you can find various sizes and packages of Ozium bottles.

This 8 oz bottle can be found on Amazon for $10.95 and can be bought in a pack of 1, 3, 4, 6 and 12.

This 3.5 oz bottle can be found on Amazon for $8.25

Propylene glycol, an ingredient in Ozium, is hazardous to be exposed to. Be careful when spraying this air sanitizer because it could cause skin irritation. Although the possible chance of having skin irritations, being safe while using this product and not spraying it near humans or animals produces incredible results.

Overall, this product seems to be the best option when choosing an air freshener.