How To Overcome Writer's Block

As a writer, there are times when I do not know what to write. I may stare at a blank page for hours, or write a few lines and continuously hit backspace on the keyboard. In other cases, I may have a page or two and suddenly get stuck in the process of writing. Since I tend to struggle with this often, I have developed some of my own ways to get back into the flow of writing.

Stimulate your mind

Pick up a book that you have anticipated reading, browse through the internet and read a few articles that interest you. Listen to music that you would not normally listen to on a regular basis. Tap into your creative side by drawing, painting, or making a collage. Activating your creative side could help you resume writing. Even calling a friend may do you some good.

Change your surroundings

Step away from your laptop and go outside to get some fresh air. Sometimes taking a walk and observing your environment can spark something in your brain. Sit down on a bench in the park if the weather permits. Being surrounded by nature can cause your mind to drift and wonder or develop ideas by tapping into your imagination. If you would like to take your laptop with you, visit the nearest starbucks or library. If changing your surroundings eliminates any distractions, then move until you are absolutely comfortable and ready to focus on your work. Also turn off your phone so you can fully concentrate on the task at hand.


Doing this exercise helps you get into the mode of writing. Write whatever comes to your mind for 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure you keep writing without any pauses. The purpose is to write down what you are thinking so you can write about anything. Do not feel any pressure to pick a subject, because you may change from one subject to another while writing. Just write freely and do not worry about punctuation. This exercise is used to get out any thoughts you may have and return to writing the paper or article that you were focusing on beforehand. Freewriting can inspire you to create new ideas so you can apply them to the paper or article you were working on prior to this exercise.

I personally develop writer’s block due to fear or trying to perfect my ideas in my head before recording them on paper. I am afraid to write at times because of a past grade that I received from a professor. Another reason is because I want to write a phenomenal paper but do not know where to begin. I always want to know what I am writing before I write it down, so I try to perfect it in my head. As a result, I never start the paper or article because I want all my thoughts to be right before I write them down. A person may have writer’s block for a number of reasons, but it is rather easy to overcome. Using these three tips can increase your chances of overcoming writer’s block by helping you start somewhere and encouraging you to write. If all else fails, create a routine that suits you so you can find your muse and overcome writer’s block. Remember that it is only temporary, and it shall pass in a matter of hours or a few days.

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