Identify the obstacles in your life with yoga philosophy.

Overcome The Obstacles In Your Path With Yoga Philosophy

The obstacles are not in your way, they are the way.


When obstacles appear in our lives, our gut instinct is often to figure out how to get around them or make them disappear.

In yoga philosophy, these obstacles are called kleshas. There are five kleshas that cause our inability to live our true nature of peace, joy, and happiness. While the kleshas represent the afflictions and obstacles that get in the way of our true nature, they are not set in stone. Rather than avoiding the roadblocks in life, when we learn about the true nature of these obstacles, we can better understand our habits and patterns. With that self-awareness comes a higher level of perception and the ability to change our circumstances with more consciousness and mindfulness. In this way, the obstacles become a necessary part of our path rather than something to fear or dread.

1. Avidya (ignorance)

In Sanskrit, avidya translates to the lack or absence of wisdom. Avidya represents our ignorance of ourselves (like not knowing who we truly are) and also prevents us from being able to see other people and situations as they truly are.

Knowing ourselves is fundamental to having healthy relationships with others and finding careers, hobbies, and activities that truly make us happy and fulfilled. In this sense, ignorance isn't about "not knowing" as much as it is about having preconceived notions or misperceptions of people or things. These misperceptions stem from our "spiritual forgetting". The following four obstacles are born out of our inability to truly see and know who we are.

2. Asmita (ego)

When we have forgotten our own spiritual nature (avidya), then we begin to over-identify with ourselves. Typically when we hear "ego", we might think about someone who is highly conceited or self-obsessed. However, asmita refers more to the distorted view we have of ourselves because of our ignorance.

This distorted view is not necessarily "good" nor "bad", but rather, understanding that the way we think about ourselves is limited. In many ways, our limited self-perception leads us to separate ourselves from the people around us.

3. Raga (attachment to pleasure)

Our attachment to pleasure can come in the form of addiction, but it can also show up in our lives as the things we tell ourselves we need to be happy - whether that is a relationship, a job, or material items. The underlying ignorance and over-identification with our ego lead to our desire to find something pleasurable that is outside of ourselves.

4. Dvesha (avoiding pain)

Dvesha is the opposite of raga and represents our aversion to pain or hatred and rejection of things that are difficult for us. In the same way that we over-identify with things we think bring us pleasure, we can also over-identify with things we've labeled as bad or painful. The concept of dvesha asks us to look at where we have been avoiding such difficulties, and what habits and patterns have helped us sustain our avoidance?

5. Abhinivesha (clinging to life)

Abhinivesha is the clinging to life and fear of death. It also represents anxiety that accompanies the fear of the unknown. It encompasses our resistance to loss (dvesha) and our desire to keep that which is pleasurable (raga). Just like we examine how our attachments and aversions affect our behaviors, we can examine what our fear of the unknown prevents us from doing, and how it limits our freedom.

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The End Of The Semester As Told By Todd Chrisley

Because we're all a little dramatic like Todd sometimes.

The last 3-4 weeks of every college student's semester are always crazy hectic.

We have last minute assignments, group projects, and exams all squeezed into the last few weeks before break.

Sometimes we all need a little humor, and sometimes we are all a little dramatic, so why not experience the last few weeks of the semester as told by the king of drama himself, Todd Chrisley of "Chrisley Knows Best."

1. Sitting in class listening to your professor explain upcoming assignments/exams.

2. When your group project members refuse to do anything until the night before it's due or just show up the day of to present.

3. When you and your roommate try to cook with whatever few ingredients you have left in stock.

Because we definitely want to avoid going to the grocery store at the end of the semester if we can.

4. When your parents get tired of you calling them about every little inconvenience in your life.

5. Sitting down to work on assignments.

6. Your thoughts when the professor is telling you what they want from you out of an assignment.

7. When you've had about 30 mental breakdowns in two days.

8. Trying to search out the class for the right group members.

9. The last few days of classes where everyone and everything is getting on your nerves.

10. When your friend suggests going out but you're just done with the world.

11. This. On the daily.

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13. Studying and realizing you know nothing.

14. When your finals are over and it's finally time to go home for break.

You're finally back to your old self.

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Shows And Movies We Loved As Kids And What Those People Are Doing Now

I wanted to know what some of my favor actors and actresses are up to now.


I was scrolling through Netflix the other day and came across the movie "Spy Kids." Now I don't know about you guys but I LOVE this movie and was very excited when I saw it. Obviously, I watched it, and the second and the third cause what else would you do on a weekend? It got me thinking I wonder what some of our favorite movie/show characters are doing now and what their life is like.

Alexa Vega also is known as Carmen Cortez in "Spy Kids" is now 30 years old and doing great! Alexa is married to...wait for it: Carlos PenaVega. You might be thinking who even is that. If you watched "Big Time Rush" it's Carlos from BTR!! They got married in the year 2014 and they have a baby boy together named Ocean and they just posted on their Instagram they are expecting another baby boy.

Next, on our list, we have Jonathan Lipnicki also known for some great movies like "The Little Vampire" and "Stuart Little," He is now 28 years old and you can now find him on some television shows such as "Family Tools" and "Worst Cooks in America."

Danielle Fishel was known as Topanga Lawrence on "Boy Meets World" and later "Girl Meets World." You could catch her on Disney Channel in those shows. She is 37 years old and now she is married to Jensen Karp. Ben Savage, also known as our beloved Cory Matthews on "Boy Meets World" and "Girl Meets World," is now 38 years old. One of the quotes that have stuck with me is:

"A lot of the problems teenagers go through, it's better for them to go through them on their own. If you always have a crutch, you don't learn anything."

Daniel Radcliffe also is known as "Harry Potter" (favorite movie ) is now 29 years old. If you have never seen these movies I recommend them to anyone, and if you don't like them.. well, we are done talking. Anywho he is in the upcoming animation movie "Playmobil: The Movie."

Emma Watson also is known as the gorgeous and smart Hermione Granger now at 29 years old. Something you might not know is that her alma mater is Brown University. Emma is in a movie coming out December 25th, 2019 called "Little Women."

Robert Pattinson or how a lot of people know him as Edward Cullins from the "Twilight" series is now 32 years old and is in the upcoming movies "Waiting for the Barbarians" (2020) and "The Devil All The Time" (2020).

Taylor Lautner (I will always be Team Jacob and we can forever argue about it ) is known as Jacob Black in the "Twilight" series but you might also remember him from the movie "Abduction" in 2011 and the movie "Sharkboy and Lavagirl" in 2005, "Grown Ups 2" in 2013, another good one was "Cheaper By The Dozen 2" in 2005 and I could go on and on talking about him. Taylor is now 27 years old and in a few shows such as "Scream Queens" and "My Wife and Kids."

Anna Kendrick also from the "Twilight" series but also from "Pitch Perfect" known as Beca is now 33 years old and working on an upcoming movie "Noelle" coming November 2019

Rebel Wilson in the movie "Pitch Perfect" known as Fat Amy. A fun little tidbit, when the movie came out I changed my twitter name to "Fat Hannah"... and now that I think about it I was a stupid kid and why would I do that to myself. Anyway, Rebel is known for her funny personality and she is in an upcoming movie "The Hustle" May 10th, 2019 with fellow actress Anne Hathaway.

These are just a few of some of the actors and actresses from some of my favorite movies I have watched over the years and wondered what they were doing now with their lives.


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